Ticket to Ride is available now on Board Game Arena!

Ticket to Ride is now available on Board Game Arena (BGA), a browser-based board game platform used by over 8 million players, as a premium title.

Ticket to Ride players around the world can now compete against other BGA users at any time, pause and pick up play later, organize online tournaments and more.

You can play Ticket to Ride on Board Game Arena, right from your desktop or mobile browser, here

Additional Premium BGA benefits include:

  • Board Game Arena Premium users have unlimited access to a list of Premium games including CATAN, Splendor, Azul, Carcassonne and over 400 more. 
  • Premium accounts feature additional perks like Hotseat game modes, integrated voice/video chat, game statistics and access to tournaments. 
  • Premium members can invite any BGA user to play even if the user does not have a Premium account. 
  • For more information about Premium accounts and their pricing, visit the Board Game Arena website here: https://boardgamearena.com/premium 

Ticket to Ride is also available digitally on Steam, iOS and Android.

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