Ticket to Ride travels to 1950s Poland with a new Map Collection

Days of Wonder announces New Ticket to Ride® Map Collection: Poland. From the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains, travel across this new board.

In Ticket to Ride: Poland, you will have to gain a monopoly over the Polish public transport, not only by claiming routes between cities, but also by connecting countries with each other. But do not waste time: the sooner you manage to do so, the higher the reward. This new Map Collection is the perfect addition to spice-up a Ticket to Ride game night. 

First released for the Poland market in 2019, this Map Collection will now be available worldwide to please all the Ticket to Ride fans. European players will be able to find Ticket to Ride: Poland at their favorite hobby store starting July for 22,99€. The game will launch in September for North America at $24.99.

“In this version, expanding your railways to countries is essential to ensure the sustainability of your network.” Says Alan R. Moon, designer of the game. “You will also need to pay more attention to other players’ moves if you don’t want to see the last Country card slip through your fingers at the last moment” 

Ticket to Ride: Poland is an expansion designed for 2 to 4 players and can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes. It includes 1 Board map of Poland, 35 Destination Ticket cards, 20 Country cards and 1 Rules booklet.

For more informations, please visit the Ticket to Ride: Poland website

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