Important information regarding the Ticket to Ride chat

Greeting conductors!

During recent times we have been hard at work attempting to stem a new tide of malicious activity found in Ticket to Ride’s public chat system.
This behaviour goes against everything that we stand for and believe in at Asmodee Digital, and as such have been taking swift and decisive action in an attempt to limit these behaviours.

In order to prevent further reprehensible behaviour from these individuals, we will be disabling the public chat functionality and ability to give a personalised name to your games in Ticket to Ride on all platforms for the time being. In-game stickers and communication in private games will however still be available.

This is not a permanent solution and we are investigating ways to bring the public chat back in a safe and fun manner that will fit with not only our ideals, but also for people of all ages that enjoy Ticket to Ride.

We will provide further updates to this situation as we are able, and wish you all the best in building your locomotive empire!

We thank you very much for your patience and understanding,

Asmodee Digital

3 Responses to “Important information regarding the Ticket to Ride chat”

  1. Karen says:

    I somehow know what has happened in the public chat before, but if possible, please allow back communication during in-game because it is sometimes difficult to communicate just by stickers.
    And without communication it is really hard to make a re-match if both of you have a really enjoyable game and make them in the friend list.

  2. Tiger says:

    I hope it was not the tiger and egg messages.

  3. Joe in Southern Oregon says:

    The sooner the better, but it must be safer and monitored.

    I’ve said for years that your biggest issue is game and user names.

    The biggest offenders in chat appear to be ZERO game trolls. Perhaps you could limit the number of chat comments a new user (under 20 games and less than 100% karma) can enter in a day. New users should be allowed to ask a few questions, but a limit like this might send the trolls elsewhere.

    Good luck, thanks for working to improve the TTR community.

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