Support breast cancer research with Ticket to Ride: Play Pink!

Play Pink Kicks off Days of Wonder official partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Days of Wonder, Asmodee and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) are proud to announce their world premiere partnership: the release of an exclusive train set in-theme with the classic pink coloring long associated with the breast cancer cause. $2/2€ per special edition pack sold will support breast cancer research through BCRF.

This new set of trains can be used across Ticket to Ride properties, with all trains and stations ready for use in both Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe sporting the classic pink coloring.

Ticket to Ride: Play Pink is a fundraising project led by Days of Wonder and Asmodee in 18 countries around the world to support breast cancer research. This limited edition set has been printed in pink, the official colors of the BCRF, and has a unique train shape making it a must-have for collectors and new players alike.

The entire production system has been modified to support this important cause and Days of Wonder and Asmodee commit to a non-profit approach with the sets, meaning all profits will be contributed to BCRF. For each set of trains sold, $2 will be donated to BCRF. The suggested retail price of $5 covers the cost of logistics and production only, with no revenue being collected by Asmodee or its studio. 80,000 Ticket to Ride Play Pink sets will be available during October known as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the world. Every diagnosis is unique and puts lives at risk. We must stop breast cancer in its tracks, and research is the answer.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. BCRF invests in a wide range of research across more than a dozen countries—from prevention to metastasis—because each area of investigation informs another, propelling us toward the solutions we urgently need.  BCRF convenes and connects the best minds in science—giving them the opportunity to pursue their most innovative ideas. BCRF-funded investigators have been behind every major breakthrough in breast cancer research, and the field is moving faster than ever. 

Ticket to Ride: Play Pink is a limited edition Train & Station Set and will be available worldwide in October, in the following countries: France, Netherland, USA, Italy, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Chile, German and China, for the suggested retail price of $5/5€.

For more informations, please visit the Ticket to Ride: Play Pink website.

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12 Responses to “Support breast cancer research with Ticket to Ride: Play Pink!”

  1. Berardier says:

    Hello, I’m french and I would buy this train set. Do you know where and how I could find it please ?
    Thanks and Regards

    • Alexiane says:


      Les sets seront disponibles à la vente vendredi (01/10) dans les boutiques spécialisées.

      Bonne journée !

  2. Y Nam says:

    May I know the 18 countries in which it will be released?
    I would love to know whether I can get it in Italy or Poland!

  3. Michael Z says:

    Will this be available in Australia? My partner is currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 triple negative breast cancer, and this would make perfect gift for her. Ticket to Ride is one of her favourite of the few, but growing number of hobby biardgames she will play

  4. David Peragallo says:

    When is it available for purchase on your website?

  5. Kris says:

    Where can I get this in Canada? I just tried to pre-order two packs from Asmodee and it went from free US shipping to $40 shipping to Canada which is nuts!

    • Alexiane DOW says:

      Canada will release it later because they have some delivery issue because of COVID

  6. Caboose says:

    Anyone know who still has it for preorders in the US? Have tried a few places and all sold out! Thanks!

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