Join the beta-tester community to improve Ticket to Ride!

Dear travelers,

We are running a beta to improve the digital version of Ticket to Ride and fix some issues. Do not hesitate to join the beta to join us on this trip. We will release this update to the live servers as soon as possible!

To join, it is easy as A, B, C! Go to

Patch 2.6.8. aims to:

  • Mac: Correct the text issue under Catalina.
  • Back to the old sound for the cards.
  • Fix for the launch crash when offline or airplane mode.
  • Stability improvement on Android.

How to report a bug?

You can share your feedback and questions to the development team by creating a new topic or adding to an existing one here:

Don’t hesitate to post screenshots or videos!

We not going to answer to every bug report, but rest assured that we’re going to read closely all of them.

We ask you to create a new topic each time you report a bug. Please make sure to check for an existing thread before posting, adding to the comments there instead.

Please copy/paste the following template when you report a bug:

✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——– ✄ ——–
Short description of the bug:
Device model:
OS version:
What precisely happen / what were you doing before it happened:
What did you expect from your last action before the bug occurred:
Screenshots or videos:

Many thanks for all your feedback!

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