Deep Blue, will you be the most adventurous diver?

Buying this fabled map was a stroke of genius. The most ancient, legendary, and extravagant underwater wrecks are waiting for divers. Diving suits and oxygen tanks are aboard, and the ship is ready to weigh anchor. There is no time to lose! The increased hustle and bustle of the harbor, with ship captains attempting to hire the best divers and historians, can only mean one thing: other captains found the same map, and the biggest treasure hunt of all time is about to begin!

Find out about Deep Blue, a new challenging push-your-luck game by Asger Harding Granerud & Daniel Skjold Pedersen.

Deep Blue is a push-your-luck and engine-building, family game where players dive for wealth and may join and benefit from other player’s diving fortunes. In this game, players will have to collect the right crew of divers, sailors, and archaeologists, race to wreck sites to claim the best spots to dive from, and scout the seas to discover new wrecks. Players will have to take risks if they want to be the most wealthy diver!

Deep Blue is a stand-alone game. It includes 1 board, 10 plastic boats, 50 crew member cards, 5 plastic treasure chest, 5 player boards, 1 Dive Site Board, 120 Victory Point tokens, 15 Wreck tiles, 1 Diving Bell pawn, 31 plastic gems, 1 cloth bag, 6 starter bonus tokens, 7 Captain’s Log scenario cards, and 1 Rules booklet. The game is expected to be available in October in Europe and in North America at a suggested retail price of $49.99/45€

For more information, please visit Deep Blue website.

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    Looks great and no sign of SJW’s BS!!

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