Ticket to Ride goes Nordics! Discover the new Ticket to Ride map now!

This new challenging vertical map will make you cross European Nordic Countries. From Copenhagen in Denmark to Helsinki in Finland, discover the snowy landscape by crossing Norway and Sweden.  Succeed in building one of the biggest paths in the app. With this brand new vertical and competitive map, Ticket to Ride makes you cross the great countries of Northern Europe. Go from Copenhagen, Denmark to Helsinki, Finland through the snowy territories of Sweden and Norway.

Faithful to the board game’s expansion, this new map introduces specific and exciting rules:

  • Locomotives can’t be used as wild cards to claim regular routes anymore: they can only be used on tunnels and ferries.
  • If you are missing a locomotive to claim a ferry route, you can replace it with any three cards of any color.
  • Finally, one of the routes will be particularly difficult to own, as it will require 9 train cars to be acquired, which is the longest Ticket to Ride ever had so far. Its other characteristic is that even if you don’t have 9 cards of the same color, you can fill any missing train car with any 4 cards of other colors.

The Nordic Countries vertical map promises high tension games and fierce battles to be the first to own the routes essential to your strategy. Will you be ingenious enough to become the greatest railway company of Nordic Countries?

Nordic Countries

Nordic Countries is launched at a special launch price with 50% off standard price.

Last but not least you can also buy the Nordic Special Pack including Europe, USA 1910, Legendary Asia, Switzerland and the brand new Nordic Countries extension and save 70%!

Nordic Special Pack

The Nordic Special Pack is a time-limited offer, don’t miss this opportunity to increase your map collection!

Note that the India map is not included in the Nordic Special Pack but you can still get it as a stand-alone.

Ticket to Ride includes:

  • Alan R. Moon’s official Ticket to Ride maps with original artwork in full high resolution.
  • Online Play (WiFi, 3G, 4G) against other iPhone, iPad, Mac (non-exhaustive list).
  • An unparalleled online player community with tens of thousands of live opponents.
  • Solo play against up to 4 AI players.
  • Pass-and-Play with up to 4 live opponents (can include AI players too).
  • dditional maps of Europe, Switzerland, USA 1910 and Legendary Asia available as in-app purchases
  • lso discover the 2 most recent vertical maps, for games ever more intense: India available only recently, and the brand new Nordics map tracing the railway routes of Northern Europe.
  • Detailed, interactive turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial.
  • Contextual in-game Conductor’s Notes to help you master all the maps.
  • True cross-platform: players can challenge on other supported platforms including Mac, iPhone, iPad.
  • Online and offline Hall of Fame


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  1. Jan Kowalski says:

    It would be great if we could see UK or Pennsylvania map in TTR app. 🙂

    Also I think You should make digital version of “card game” it is fast, easy and relaxing game, but it is hard to play it in public transport 😉

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