Enjoy the Holiday Season with the Five Tribes Solo Variant

Five TribesThe new Sultan of Naqala, Yazid the First, is as benevolent as he’s naive.

He cares about the people, distribute wealth to the poor, listen to their complaints…

These lands need authority and a strong leader, not some soft-hearted king.

By all rights, Naqala should be yours. Time has come for a coup!

For the Holiday Season, Days of Wonder is proud to offer you a new twist on the best-selling Five Tribes game: a Solo Variant! Designed by Bruno Cathala and Thierry Jolit, Five Tribes Solo is a new way to play the game. Your goal: to overthrow Yazid the First and take his place on the throne. But beware! The path to victory is a harsh one. You will need to convince Yazid’s Council of Viziers, avoid his Assassins, and watch for the Djinns that protects him…

Five Tribes Solo

In Five Tribes Solo, you play the game as usual, using the same actions, but against a dummy player whose actions directly affect your decisions. As you progress through the game, you will discover that time is against you, and each move can be a critical one.

Do not worry if you lose your first games… as they say, Naqala wasn’t made in a day!

Download Five Tribes Solo

Happy Holidays!

Your Days of Wonder Team

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5 Responses to “Enjoy the Holiday Season with the Five Tribes Solo Variant”

  1. M Schroder says:

    Unable to download Five Tribes Solo Free. Please give specific instructions. “Download Five Tribes Solo” button did not take me to a download.
    Thank you.

  2. Nick Neff Tippets says:

    I am also not able to download the game. It says to click on this link to download and just goes to a page where you can download the rules or a card but no such game seems to exist. Looks fun, sounds cool, & got reminded of how great your games are. Keep up the good work on creating new wonderful games. Sad wasn’t able to get this gift but thanks anyways.

    Nick Neff Tippets

    • Bkenens says:

      Dear Nick and M,

      you can just download the rules. All you need extra are two dice. It works even with one dice, then you just take your first roll to choose the column and the second roll to choose the row where you have to remove the meeples.

      The changes in the Djinn’s are explained in the rule book.

      Nice game, although much harder than it looks. For new players it can be a bit frustrating.

      Great work Days of wonder. Keep it up

  3. Steve Hickey says:

    The problem is that the rules can’t be downloaded. I am using IE on Windows 10.


  4. franck says:

    Here’s a direct link to the file…


    I’ll try and see what’s happening with IE…
    It’s weird, it’s only when there’s a target to the goodies section directly in the link apparently…

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