Splendor available now on Apple iPhone and iPad appstores and Android

SplendorSplendor is an addictive strategy turn-based card game, where players assume the role of wealthy Renaissance merchants, exploiting mines and caravans, hiring craftsmen and leveraging their influence with the nobility.

Play the exclusive game mode of digital Splendor game: the Challenges

Challenges are chess puzzles. delivered in packs of 6. Each pack is labelled after a place on the globe: “Madrid”, “Sahara”, “Istanbul”. With the 3 packs included in game, you have 18 challenges to master.

Key Features:

  • Truthful adaptation of Space Cowboys’ board game
  • Pick-up and play. Rules only take 5 minutes to learn with the game tutorial
  • Sublime graphics, originally seen in the board game, coupled with atmospheric Renaissance music
  • A solo mode and a local Pass and Play mode for up to 4 players
  • Exclusive “Challenges” game mode based on actual historical facts, which occurred during the 15th and 16th century
  • A complex artificial intelligence based on player behavior instead of difficulty levels
  • A playful interactive tutorial with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Online leaderboard enables players to compare scores from all over the world

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12 Responses to “Splendor available now on Apple iPhone and iPad appstores and Android”

  1. Erich says:

    Any chance of getting a Windows Phone version of this?

  2. Pitta says:

    Where is the Windows Store/Phone love?

  3. Bane Williams says:

    Dear Windows Phonians!!!

    You’re using a device that has less than 3 percent Market Share. I doubt DoW is extremely interested in spending a tonne of money on something that has next to no market penetration.

    A Rational Person.

    • WesternWilson says:

      Rational but unkind. It would be nice (on many levels) if online posters were as respectful in their wording as they would hopefully be in person.

  4. marc says:

    when will it be available on steam?

  5. Charlie says:

    Where can I go to report errors in the program? 3 errors I have experienced:

    1. The game does not let you take only 2 gems. This happened to me when only 2 gems each of 2 colours were the only gems available. I was forced to reserve a card.

    2. Wrong cost on the white gem card in level 1 (the green backs) that costs 1 gem of 4 different colours (it is supposed to cost UBRG but instead is WBRG)

    3. Wrong gem colour of a card that costs 7W3U (it displays as a white gem card but should be a blue card.

    Love the game and the app does not disappoint. AIs are skilled and offer a good challenge. What are the differences between “Random Behaviour” and “Secret Behaviour”?

    • Charlie says:

      I have also noticed that sometimes I cannot buy certain cards despite having the requisite coins/cards. This has happened twice with the 2R1B white card and once with the 4B green card. Sometimes it seems that the most recent card to be draw won’t show up on the “buyable” radar.

  6. QuietLeni says:

    Days of Wonder,

    My iPad 2 with iOS 8.3 (refusing to upgrade yet to 8.4) just crashes on start-up of Splendor, but my iPhone 5s with the same OS details works OK.

    Can this be fixed, please?

  7. franck says:


    The Steam Version will be available later this Summer…
    There are no plans for a Windows Phone Version.

    Regarding the questions/issues you have, please head to our Contact Page:
    Some of them have been adressed there already…
    If you can’t find an answer to your specific case, a form is available there for you to fill, that’s the easiest way for us to track the items afterwards


  8. imoticon says:

    I cannot take three tokens. And the two remaining stacks are less than four tokens high. Can I take tokens anyway ?
    The action “take three different tokens” allows you to pick only two different tokens, or even one.
    Bug report:
    Android version can’t pick two or one (when less than 3 different token left)

  9. Juan Guillermo says:

    Any plans for a local network player vs player version?
    Maybe through the Game Center?

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