Summer Sales on Steam: take a look at our 3 exclusive game packs

Steam Exclusive

Summer Sales 2015

Buy Ticket to Ride Complete Pack or Small World 2 Complete Pack and get the other game for free!

If you buy the Ticket to Ride Complete Pack you’ll get Small World 2 original game for free!

If you buy the Small World 2 Complete Pack you’ll get Ticket to Ride original game for free!

You could also be tempted by our Ultimate Pack including Ticket to Ride Complete Pack + Small World 2 Complete Pack.

Don’t wait too long and discover our digital games Ticket to Ride and Small World 2 now!

It’s only on Steam, it’s 25% to 50% off standard price and for a very limited period of time(*).


Ticket to Ride Complete Pack includes the Ticket to Ride game and all additional digital maps and variants, including Asia, Europe, Switzerland, and USA 1910.

Small World 2 Complete Pack includes the Small World 2 game and the additional digital expansions Be Not Afraid, Cursed and Grand Dames.

The “Ultimate” combined Ticket to Ride Complete Pack + Small World 2 Complete Pack offer includes these two packs for a great value!

For all the specs and to learn more about the games, visit the Ticket to Ride and Small World 2 pages of the Days of Wonder Online website.


Get Ticket to Ride Complete Pack
Get Small World 2 Complete Pack
Get the Ultimate Pack

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9 Responses to “Summer Sales on Steam: take a look at our 3 exclusive game packs”

  1. Daniel says:

    Cool packs, but I already own the base games. Could you offer a pack with just the extensions with some discount?

  2. jason neal says:

    Allready have base games and expansiond for ticket to ride. I would be interested in discount rate for expansion to Small World.


    jason neal

  3. David says:

    Awesome deal! I purchased the complete pack today of small world. When will I get ticket to ride?

  4. Dragonflii says:

    I’m confused, I play these games on my iPad, if I buy one of the bundles will the expansions show up when I play on the iPad? I assume these are PC versions since there not sold through the app store…like I said, I’m confused. I am tired of waiting for someone else with expansions to show up and start a game. I Want the Expansions!

  5. Vocalninja says:

    I bought the Smallworld 2 CompletePack. How do I get my free copy of Ticket to Ride?

    I noticed that Steam does have a ‘SmallWorld 2 Complete Pack + Ticket to Ride’ bundle, but the price is $8 more than the Smallworld pack alone, meaning they are charging for Ticket to Ride. I expected to get Ticket to Ride for free as per the press release.

  6. James Cook says:

    I bought both packs, which means I should get a free copy of both base games to share with a friend right? as stated in some comments above we are not getting our free copies.

  7. yaffa fruchter says:

    I bought a new apple computer and I would like to have Ticket to ride on both computers (the old and the new)
    How do I do that.
    I would like to buy
    a set of cards from the 1910 game. How much is it and how do I go about it.

    • Yann @ DOW says:

      @Yaffa: as long as you use the same Steam account on the two machines, you will have the game on both. BUT you won’t be able to use the same Steam account at the same time. So you play either on the old Mac or on the new one, not on both at the same time. This is how Steam works.
      For the 1910 expansion, this is a Steam DLC that you buy from

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