The Small World Designer Edition is available for everybody: order your copy on June 9!

R’hka and his dwarf companions were digging for gold, but nothing could prepare them to the discovery they were about to make.

With shovels and pickaxes, they were progressing in the mine. Suddenly, one of the pickaxes hit what looked like an old crate engraved with strange runes.

Opening it, they discovered finely-sculpted figures, painted wooden tokens and tons of glittering metal coins… sure, it was not gold, but a nice treasure chest nonetheless.

The Small World Designer Edition has just been added to our website! The first copies were sent a few months ago to the backers of our Kickstarter campaign that pledged the “Designer’s Oath” level. However, if you did not use the occasion to buy the collector’s version, now is your chance to do so.

Small World - Designer Edition

The Small World Designer Edition includes deluxe wooden tokens covering all races from the base game and the Cursed!Grand DamesBe Not Afraid and Royal Bonus expansions, plus Race banners and Special Powers banners that are all heat-printed on wood.

The victory points are custom metal coins that vary in shape and size depending on their value, and are stored in little leather purses to hide your fortune from your opponents.

The Designer Edition also includes three super-sized boards for 2-3, 4-5 and 6 players, as well as numerous custom finely-sculpted resin figures for game elements such as the Dragon, Heroes, Pots of Gold, Fireballs, Catapult, etc. Last but not least, it also includes the famous “Pocket Encyclopedia” of Small World from the Kickstarter Campaign.

Small World - Designer Edition

Please note that the Small World Designer Edition only exists in English. There will not be any other version of this edition.

On June 9, 2015, on 3 pm GMT (8 am PDT) we will open the orders for the Designer Edition of Small World. We anticipate a high amount of orders, and we must remind you that our stocks are limited. So, make sure to place your order as soon as possible on June 9! Please also note that the offer is limited to one copy per person; you cannot order several copies of the Designer Edition.

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54 Responses to “The Small World Designer Edition is available for everybody: order your copy on June 9!”

  1. Pat Eadie says:

    Hello, I am interested. How much will it be shipped to the UK please?

  2. Alex says:

    Very much interested, at must have level. How much the shipping to Romania? Thank you.

  3. Tyler Manwiller says:

    I’m interested

  4. franck says:


    Regarding the Handling and Shipping fees for this item:
    For orders to European Union Countries from our Euro Store they will be roughly €40.
    For orders to USA from our US webstore, they will be roughly $40.
    For the other countries, the webstore will calculate the fees depending on where you stay. Be prepared for a high price though as this beast is huge (the parcel weighs 20kg).

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Franck,

    I find it odd that Romania is not listed amongst the other EU countries, although your store locator gives several hits. If it’s only a mistake to which shipping region does it belong? Thank you.

    Best regards


  6. Nathan says:

    Hi Frank,

    I have been waiting for the Designer addition to be unlocked so i can order my copy but they are still locked? it does say in the description that it will be available to order at 3:00pm GMT

  7. franck says:

    @Alex, Should be OK. Make sure you’re using the Euro webstore though

    @Nathan, Sales open in 8 minutes… 😉

    • Nathan says:

      Frank I mentioned i had been waiting from 3pm GMT to purchase one of these and even took an hour off work to get one. I have now returned to work to see they didnt go on sale till 4pm. Very disappointed and feel let down

      • Malcolm says:

        Many sympathies, however the miniscual time they were available (about 3 minutes by my reckoning), you would have been very lucky to get one.

      • franck says:

        @Nathan, When I posted my previous message it was 8 minutes *before* 3PM GMT.
        We actually opened the sales on time… Looks like you were one hour too early I’m afraid 🙁

        • Nathan says:

          Frank if you look at the time of our posts you we see that you were late. I’m in the UK. GMT is set from here so how can I be early. My original post was posted at 15:41 your reply was at 8 mins to 16:00.

          • Cameron Carter says:

            Because there seems to be a lot of confusion here, GMT is an absolute reference time and doesn’t change with the seasons; however, the UK is currently on Daylight Saving Time, which is GMT+1. Days of Wonder were not incorrect when they said that the product would go on sale at 3 PM GMT; this is 4 PM in the UK, as we are currently on Daylight Saving Time (DST+1).

            At the time of writing this it’s 11:55 in the UK, but ACTUALLY 12:55 GMT, because again, GMT is an absolute reference time that doesn’t change with the seasons.

            Google “GMT time” ( and you’ll see that it’s currently an hour behind the time in the UK, because we are not currently on GMT in the UK; we’re on GMT+1.

            Could this have been better communicated by Days of Wonder? Absolutely. But they’re not wrong.

          • Nathan says:

            Thank you Cameron, well explained. I’m guessing the time stamping of posts is location based time stamped as well then because our posts are stamped at Bloody daylight savings and not GMT.

            I really do wonder how many copies were available? Started to think maybe they had only a few left from the kickstarter campaign.

  8. Kevin says:

    I can’t get in. Can anyone else?

  9. Malcolm says:

    Tried ordering this throught the Europstore.
    Got this error
    There are no possible shipping methods for this order, probably because it is too heavy. Your order cannot be completed. Please contact Days of Wonder Customer Service.

  10. Siegmund says:

    Showing up as out of stock, only 7 minutes in and its gone…
    Will it be available for purchase again?

  11. Kevin says:

    All gone. Oh Well!

  12. Siegmund says:

    Just a little ridiculous, I had it in my cart and was entering shipping info, then went to pay and it disappeared from my cart, then couldn’t re-add it as button was gone….

  13. Erik says:

    Well, that’s unfortunate. I had planned on getting this, and looks like it was sold out within minutes. I didn’t really expect such a limited run.. How many were there, 4?

  14. Siegmund says:

    Franck, any comment on whether this is just a site glitch, or are all copies are gone?

  15. Malcolm says:

    Having waited since 3pm, looks like sales came live at 4 and sold out during the time it took me to fill in the forms. That was so worth waiting for!

  16. Malcolm says:

    Someone nicked my out of my shopping cart!!!

  17. Malcolm says:

    Also my typing’s gone to hell.

  18. Siegmund says:

    Same goes for me Malcolm…

  19. Siegmund says:

    Now we wait for the $1000 copies on BoardGameGeek/Ebay……

    Days of Wonder, print more copies, clearly there is demand even at this price point..

  20. Malcolm says:

    Well it’s top of the best-selling list on the main store page.

    I’m sad now 🙁

  21. Siegmund says:

    Anyway, hopefully they catch on to the demand for this product and make another print run… Would of been a nice one to add to the collection.

  22. Adam says:

    Not sold out in minutes – SECONDS! I was processing my order as soon as it came online for the basket and even had an order number, then the system wouldn’t take payment and said my order couldn’t be completed. I can’t believe it sold out that fast! Is there a technical problem on the webstore??

    • Maxie says:

      I had the same issue, when I clicked on visa it said server error and when I wanted try again it was gone..

  23. Siegmund says:

    People have been wanting this, since they realised it was available, I personally would of backed it if it was a kickstarter on its own, I didnt look at the digital version and see it or I would of backed it.

    Probably sold out, although they really should of changed the blog post title to:

    “available for everyone should you be lucky enough to speed type in all your details and get one of the few copies available”……….

  24. Adrien says:

    Woa, that went really fast. Even we, at Days of Wonder, did not think it would sell out this fast.
    We understand that many of you have questions and want to know it the order really went through or not. We are going to manually check every order, to be sure that every transaction was processed correctly. Also, we need to carefully review everything and make sure we can deliver the Small World Designer Edition to everyone who submitted a correct order.
    If you have any specific question, doubt or query about your order, please use our contact us page:

    Many thanks,

    Adrien – Days of Wonder

    • Siegmund says:

      Please do a kick starter for a reprint of the designer addition, minimal financial risk to DoW if you presell copies.

      Here’s to hoping for a reprint.

      • Siegmund says:

        That was meant to say ‘edition’ before grammar nazi’s start up…

    • franck says:

      Looks like we had a glitch on our Contact Us page.
      Not the best moment I’m afraid…

      It’s all back up now…
      So if you tried and contacted us but didn’t receive a ticket number, odds are that we didn’t get it 🙁
      If you are in this case, please give it another try…



  25. Rennie says:

    I’ve been trying since 7:58am Pacific Time and the site went from saying available at 8am to Out of Print in English. What gives? Did it magically sell out without going live?

  26. Dionitros says:

    I wait the before of 15 minute of the time start . I had continue to refreshed the page and opened new page but don’t appear the icon for buy it.
    it’s really strange.

    I want a know the reason

    • Obiwankenewbie says:

      Hm, I had the same issue on my Mac – but the button was shown on the iPhone in my hand.

  27. Javier Gomez says:

    Go out my copy when I was completing the process: when I went to shipping and payment, my cart was only shipping cost. When I was trying again, the “add to cart” button there wasn’t available anymore. Arg!

    Please, are you planning a new edition? Or a new kickstarter?

  28. Yanik D'Aigle says:

    For those of us that we’re successful, any word when shipping will begin?

    • Obiwankenewbie says:

      I think I remember June 16 was the date. There was a note while the checkout process – but I just flew over 🙂

  29. Vee Monroe says:

    I had the same problem. Sold out while I was finishing up a telephone call at work – one minute there, next minute gone.

    There is obviously a huge demand for this designer edition and I’m sure no one who bought it expects it to lose resale value of there are a few more copies floating around, so any chance of another Kickstarter?

    Otherwise, it’s going to be $1000 on eBay and Days of Wonder don’t make anything off those resales on the secondary market 🙂

  30. Maxie says:

    If you do a reprint please consider adding the underground races too! Even if they are in a separate box. And if you are afraid that it won’t bring back the money, launch a kickstarter project and those who are interested can prefund their boxes.

    • Nathan says:

      I wouldn’t want underground packed as a stand alone unless we could also get this designer edition. Maybe have a kickstarter that funds underground in its own box maybe with realms included as the beginner level but then also have a level that includes receiving a copy of the standard designer edition.

      • Maxie says:

        They said the original package is around 20kgs, that and the reason some lucky bastards already own the design er edition is why I suggested the separate box. Maybe it’s even easier to produce that way. But of course I love to have them both, and handpaint every figure and relic from UG and normal all the same:). As for realms I don’t care as much since the 6 player board, would be interesting if I could put together an 8 player board (we have a lot of sw loving friends). Also having the leaders expansion in plastic figures would be awesome, but I’m getting greedy here… 🙂

  31. Sandrews says:

    Has there been a response by DOW? The kickstarter debacle (hidden as a IOS addon) now it’s sold out in seconds. I love your product, I want your product and not getting it makes me an unhappy customer. Please look at the conan boardgame on kickstarter. They are behind schedule but open and communicating. The comments they have are great. Please communicate.

  32. Michael says:

    Really disappointed about the communication flow and the missing transparency regarding the sale. This is a good way to scare off loyal fans/customers! 🙁

  33. Martijn says:

    Pleace make an orderform, so we can order a copy. SOLD OUT is not what we want to see. We can wait till our version is finished as long as we know it’s in the making. this way there are a lot of unhappy people.

  34. Douglas says:

    Will more of these become available?

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