Five Tribes available again in North America stores!

Five Tribes

Now is the perfect time to go wander in the Sultanate of Naqala and why not become its next ruler!

When you pickup your copy of the game, you can add a little touch of magic to Five Tribes by asking your store for the Dhenim Djinn Promo Card.

And don’t worry if your Friendly Local Game Store is out of the promo cards, we have you covered: you can also get the Dhenim Djinn card by ordering it from our webstore (you will only be charged for Handling and Shipping) or even download it if you prefer to print it yourself.

Head to the Goodies section of Five Tribes website to read the exact rule for this Djinn. While you’re there, if you missed it, why not give Bruno Cathala’s Guilds’ Guide a go? This tactical guide to Five Tribes is available for download there as well.

Download the Guilds’ Guide on the Five Tribes website.

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