Five Tribes, stay ahead of the Pack

Five TribesFive Tribes is back in stores!

To celebrate, Bruno Cathala came up with a nugget: “The Guilds’ Guide ”

The rules of Five Tribes are simple, but each turn offers many possibilities: one will probably need a few games to master all the subtleties of moves and the various tribes’ actions. It’s indeed quite common to feel a little overwhelmed by the numerous choices facing a player in the initial turns of a first game. To give new players a leg up, Bruno Cathala wrote a little Tactics Guide which, even if it does not include any secret recipe to victory, will help them begin to make good decisions.

Download the Guilds’ Guide on the Five Tribes website.

Of course it’s up to you whether you share this information with your fellow players or keep it to yourself! 😉

As for the game, it is now back in print in Europe (new copies should reach North America by mid-december), just in time for the Holiday Season! If you head to your Friendly Local Game Store, don’t forget to ask for the Dhenim Djinn Card (the card will also be available in our US webstore next week). This promo item will add an interesting twist in the game, allowing the player controlling it to score when one collects Viziers. The exact rule for this Djinn is also available in the brand new Goodies section along maybe with a handful of wallpapers.


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