Get Small World 2 in Humble Bundle PC & Android 11

Play at home or play on the go – Humble Bundle PC and Android 11 delivers the best of both worlds to digital gaming fans.

If you’re not already familiar with the hugely popular Humble Bundles, it’s simple: you decide what you pay to get a big bundle of great indie games.

This bundle includes Bridge Constructor Playground, Cubemen (1 and 2), the Blackwell series and get this… if you pay just a penny more than the average price, you’ll also get Small World 2 for Android and PC/Steam!

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What could possibly make this cool bundle of games even better? How about the until-now-only-available-via-kickstarter ROYAL BONUS digital expansion! That’s right, if you missed out on the Royal Bonus as part of the Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign, this is your chance to get it. The Royal Bonus features three new Small World Races: Fauns, Igors and a new favorite – the impregnable forest dwellers known as Shrubmen; plus three Special Powers – Aquatic, Behemoths and a magical Fireball.

Power user hint: even though this Humble Bundle is for Android and PC/Steam, the Royal Bonus expansion is tied to your DOW Online account (and not your platform) so you can access it from ANY version you play, including the iPad!

If you already own and love Small World 2 on Android or Steam, these other games are pretty cool to have; and if you don’t own it yet, you’ll never find a better price, since you get to decide how much you will contribute. And how else are you going to get the Royal Bonus?!

So go ahead and check out Humble Bundle: PC and Android 11. It’s your chance to get all these games in one terrific bundle for the price of your choice AND your contribution will help support two charities – Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

For all the specs and to learn more about the game, visit the Small World 2 page of the Days of Wonder Online website.

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4 Responses to “Get Small World 2 in Humble Bundle PC & Android 11”

  1. SoandSo says:

    You should really make it clear that people have to pay more than $6.50 to receive the SmallWorld expansion. I just paid $5.00 and got a bunch of crap I don’t want. Now I have to deal with support at the Humble Bundle site. Thanks.

  2. blahsensei says:

    Why is getting this game and it’s dlc such a pain. I just purchased the humble bundle pc/android 11 and have lost 4 hours of my life attempting to register this game and dlc on this site. I still haven’t got the damn thing working.

  3. Glaucio Reis says:

    Steam, DLC? No, thanks! Please let me know when it’s available from GOG.

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