Small World 2 – Available Now in the iPad App Store

More than 3 years ago, Small World was the first digital board game to ship on a tablet, the same day the iPad shipped! Today, we are proud to introduce Small World 2, a from-the-ground-up rewrite and massive update to our best-selling board game. We’ve added 3-5 player maps, 2 different online modes, pass’n-play and local play, along with the new-to-digital Be Not Afraid… expansion and much, much more.

Small World 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor in every way. A host of new features await you in this colossal update:

  • New 3, 4 and 5 player maps to conquer, in glorious full retina mode!
  • Play Online games in real-time or turn-by-turn, with friends & strangers from the world over; and Local games over Bluetooth or Wifi
  • Playing with friends online is easy with extensive Game Center, Facebook, and Days of Wonder Online Buddies integration
  • Solo Play against up to 4 built-in AI
  • Pass’n Play with up to 5 live players on a single iPad
  • 20 additional Races & Special Powers to master through in-app purchases of Cursed!, Grand Dames and the new to digital version of Be Not Afraid…
  • Online, Solo & Face to Face scores with daily, weekly, and perpetual rankings
  • A Comprehensive Small World Encyclopedia detailing all rules, races, special powers, icons & more!

For existing Small World iPad players who’ve been clamoring for these new features, we’ve got great news – Small World 2 is available to you as a free upgrade – the largest one ever available for any board game! Once updated, you’ll be able to add the brand new to digital Be Not Afraid… expansion via in-app purchase. With 5 additional Races and 5 new Special Power badges it’s time to welcome the Barbarians, Homunculi, Leprechauns, Pixies and Pygmies to the Small World party!

If your iPad has yet to be invaded by this zany cast of fantasy characters bent on mischief and mayhem, now is the time to add Small World 2 to your iPad. Your tablet will never be the same!

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15 Responses to “Small World 2 – Available Now in the iPad App Store”

  1. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    This is super good news.
    Thans DoW-guys.

  2. DAC | Cazaron says:

    Wow, DoW, you’ve done a great job on this. The kickstarter clearly worked, cause it’s beautiful and feature loaded.
    I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get it due to lack of iTunes funds, but you put it as a free upgrade? I love you guys.

    So awesome, and I’m so terrible at SmallWorld.

  3. Tzippy Vilding says:

    Love it! 🙂
    But I did get Diplomat Tritons at the start of my first 2 player game, which meant that I could conquer regions from sea to sea and all around the lake on my first turn and then just keep my opponent from attacking me, without him ever getting close to catching up (the Bot tried several combos, none of which could gain anything on me).
    I don’t remember the Diplomat power from the old app, and maybe there’s a reason it was left out of the 2 player version?

  4. Joe says:

    I thought the new races and combos (from KickStarter) were going to be in it too. Maybe i misunderstood, but when are they going to be available on the Ipad?

    Besides that the game is perfect! Really really nice job Days of Wonder!

    • Thorjin says:

      The new races and powers are in the “Royal Bonus” expansion. Only players who backed the Kickstarter at a certain, almost minimal level received this expansion. You need to login with your DoW account to “unlock” it and then make certain it’s selected (not grayed out).

      If you’re not a backer, you can still wind up playing with the new races/powers in multiplayer games, provided at least one player in the game has the Royal Bonus expansion.

  5. Andy says:

    Great news that it has gone to market. Has a general release timeframe been determined for android?

  6. balgej says:

    Downloaded the free upgrade for my iPad version of the game and it’s pretty sweet. As a backer I also requested a steam version (which I know has not been released yet) but if I download the expansions on the iPad and I’m logged into my Days of Wonders account will I be able to access the expansions, and not have to re-buy them, when I get my steam version?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. David lewis says:

    I thought there was supposed to be asynchronous play with strangers? I only see the option with friends?

  8. Matt says:

    I made the switch from iPad to Nexus and I love every bit of it except no Small World! 🙁

  9. Joe says:

    Great App! Love the board game, and all its expansions. However I do have one complaint; the new version of the app does not have a room to join and create games. Such as Ticket to Ride does. I was really hoping this would be the way they go. The quick play isn’t bad, but the games are un-ranked, and i never get to play on the size board I want. The wait time is to long. Joining a game with a friend never happens, because the few friends that I know have small world are hardly ever online.

    Days of Wonder, are you going to make a room where people can join and create games? Ticket to Ride online is a huge success… shouldn’t you mirror that?

  10. Donald says:

    The new version is great! The only problem I am having is it will not let me unlock/purchase the Be Not Afraid expansion, can some body tell me what I am doing wrong?
    Thank you

  11. Tom says:

    Any ETA on the Android/Steam versions? I thought that was part of the kickstarter campaign…

  12. Steve says:

    Great job on the smallworld 2 update, it’s great to finally play against online opponents. Just one question, after twenty games, I still have n/a as my online ranking, can you explain why,please?

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