Relic Runners – Jungle Exploration on the run

Relic RunnersThe ancient relics had lain dormant in the darkest reaches of the jungle since time immemorial. But once word of their discovery broke out, all manner of would-be archeologists rushed in…

The retired university professor… the bombastic explorer… the lithe (but daring) heiress… and a shadowy former Army captain – all wanted to be first to lay their hands on the precious loot!

In Relic Runners you are a fearless Explorer, traveling the jungle in search of lost temples full of forgotten treasures and relics. Armed with nothing more than your trusty Pith Helmet and a nose for rare antiquities you’ll explore Temple Ruins and Shrines and undertake Expeditions in a race to unearth the most treasure!

Designed by newcomer Matthew Dunstan, Relic Runners is a new large-format board game. Players follow trails across the jungle board map as they explore stacks of temples and ruins, ultimately hoping to uncover precious relics and earn victory points.

Players work to efficiently manage their resources: building pathways; making sure to carry sufficient Rations; and expand their Explorer’s Toolbox to help them explore, resupply, take additional actions, and score bonuses. Skillful planning will lead to a successful expedition as they travel their pathways to capture valuable relics.

Relic Runners features a richly-illustrated jungle board map and beautiful Temple and Ruins tiles, plus 20 highly-detailed Sculpted Relics. For 2-5 players, ages 10+, it takes approximately 40-80 minutes to play. Relic Runners is expected to be available worldwide in September, at a retail price of $60/€50. You can see more details on what’s Inside the Box; meet Relic Runners designer, Matthew Dunstan; or download Relic Runners goodies at the Relic Runners web page.

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4 Responses to “Relic Runners – Jungle Exploration on the run”

  1. PaulW says:

    Is there any way we could get a bigger picture of “inside the box” on that web page? That image is kind of small and you cant click it to open it.

    The game looks really cool. I’d really like to get a closer look! 🙂

  2. AmandaKay says:

    When will we be able to see some images of the actual full game components? Not just the four pieces that have no real meaning right now other than being very beautiful plastic figurines but the actual board and any other pieces like cards or tokens or even the rule book? So far I am intrigued by this description but it means absolutely nothing to me from a “Will I but this?” stand point.

  3. EffyD says:

    This game sounds pretty awesome! I think that Dunstan chap sounds like a winner – definitely one to watch.

  4. Lord Nibbler says:

    Looks soooo nice. Looking forward to playing it.

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