Help us make Small World better, a whole lot better!

We’re creating a new digital version of YOUR favorite fantasy board game… and you can help make it better thanks to Kickstarter!

Small World was the first board game EVER on the iPad – if you were one of those who waited in line at your Apple store that day, you could start playing the minute you got home. Fans and critics alike loved it. But our development team quickly turned their focus onto Ticket to Ride for iPad making it look like we had abandoned Small World.

Not so… Small World 2 for iPad is now well underway and it will ship later this year; but we want to make this more than just a simple upgrade.  We have tons of ideas for add-ons to the project – not just more features and expansions, but also new platforms to support – and some really cool swag to complement the board game.

On the digital side, we’re already well underway in adding the 3-5 player maps, online network play with a brand new asynchronous server and more. With support from the Kickstarter community and our fan base, we hope to make these new features available as a free upgrade to all existing Small World for iPad players.  And we’d like to go even further – developing additional expansions such as Realms or Small World Underground (Be Not Afraid… is already in the works); and adding support for many more digital platforms, such as Steam and Android.

On the boardgame side, we’ve got some insanely fun game components that we’ve been dreaming of producing for years, but simply couldn’t justify producing, including Philippe Keyaerts’ very own deluxe tokens; an over-the-top, over-sized Small World Designer Edition; finely detailed 3D figures of our favorite Small World races; and more…

But the only way we can produce these expensive add-ons is if we know precisely how many to make. And your Kickstarter pledge levels will tell us exactly that, as well as how many additional digital expansions and platforms we can justify supporting. So visit our Kickstarter page to watch the video, learn more and discover all the cool rewards your pledges could earn you!

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33 Responses to “Help us make Small World better, a whole lot better!”

  1. hakko504 says:

    How do I pledge if I’m interested in the Android and/or Steam versions? All pledge levels only refer to iOS versions of the game. How about a different Kickstarter for those two? Since Small World already exists on iOS, I’m betting a lot of people would want to help out, but have to abstain because getting iOS stuff just isn’t worth it.

    • Jesse says:

      By pledging any money, you’ll be helping allow them to make an Android version. Obviously more money will help them more, but as long as they reach their funding goals (or over), I think they hope to be able to port to another device. It’s in the video!

      • hakko504 says:

        But you’re missing the point. DoW have no way of knowing that I want an android version because there are no levels in the Kickstarter that are designed to measure whether an Android (or Steam) app is a reasonable suggestion. Even if I pledge, and they decide later that, “sorry we don’t have time for an Android version”, how do I get my money back? According to kickstarter, DoW will still have given me what I paid for, i.e. the iOS app – which I don’t need. It surely would not hurt to double up on the reward levels so that an Android version is guaranteed for those who would prefer that.

  2. Jerry says:

    I’m keen to try this game. I’ve only dabbled with it briefly on a mate’s iPad, but I’m currently making the switch to Android. I understand that there are heartbreakingly low chances of either this or Ticket to Ride reaching Android and I understand the reasoning. The various device capabilities make it more difficult.

    But so many other apps manage it very well, I find it hard to believe DoW can’t pull it off, especially with the new breed of tablets from Google.

    I’ll pledge if I hear differently.

    The interest is there from the Android community.

    • Jesse says:

      By pledging you’ll increase the chances of it reaching Android! Everyone keeps saying they want it for the Android but now people seem reluctant to put their money where their mouth was. What’s up with that?

      • Josh says:

        We are ‘reluctant’ to pay for an iOS app we are never going to used while our platform of choice gets completely ignored. I, for one, won’t give them a red cent until I can play on either my PC or Nexus 7.

  3. Andrew Dire says:

    Will iPad Retina Graphics be a part of this update? That’s probably the most obvious feature to include at the moment, but I haven’t seen it mentioned in the Kickstarter page or any other supporting material. Thanks!

  4. John says:

    Smallword never came out for anything but the Ipad. Since I don’t own an Ipad, I have an Android style Asus tablet, why should I pledge money when you won’t guarantee a Steam or Android app? What do I get if you never come out with it for those platforms?

    I’m not pledging anything until it’s definite.

  5. blacksmoke says:

    Totally agree with John above. While I’d love to support this, I can’t justify pledging anything on just a chance that the end product will be available for android. Its quite possible the “mystery platform” could end up being osx, steam or even windows phone. I’m going to hold of until there’s some more definite plans about this.

  6. Mauro says:

    SW is a boardgame, not a videogame!

  7. cgorange says:

    iOS sucks. I’d be interested in an Android version though.

  8. zuzubun says:

    I’m highly interested in Designer Edition of the physical game. May it be possible just to buy it without pledging to the digital game?

    • Jesse says:

      In the Kickstarter conversations that are connected to the Kickstarter web site, DoW has said that they will not make any of the things available outside of Kickstarter. I don’t think the Designer Edition can be bought without pledging in the next month.

  9. Rudi says:

    Unfortunately, I have Android tablet (and I don’t plan to switch to iOS or other platform).

    • Jason Hurd says:

      Recent development posted on Kickstarter since this post:

      “Stretch Goal #1: Android Tablets and the Kindle Fire when we reach $ 300,000

      For those of you who want Small World 2 on Android but are concerned it may not get funded – Go ahead and pledge what you would if you already knew this stretch goal was reached. If we end up falling short of the goal, you will always have a chance to cancel your pledge before the campaign closes!”

  10. Rick says:

    I will pledge if you can confirm an Android HD version or Steam version of the game. I have no iPad and no plans of buying one.

    I would get the pledge with the troll figurine but sadly, i live in Canada…

    • Jason Hurd says:

      I posted this above, but I wanted to respond to this concern — Recent development posted on Kickstarter since this post:

      “Stretch Goal #1: Android Tablets and the Kindle Fire when we reach $ 300,000

      For those of you who want Small World 2 on Android but are concerned it may not get funded – Go ahead and pledge what you would if you already knew this stretch goal was reached. If we end up falling short of the goal, you will always have a chance to cancel your pledge before the campaign closes!”

  11. Lithanial says:

    Any chance Canada will be added to the mailing list? I would like to pledge, the border is only like a beer walk away, but I can’t pledge.

    • MarkoPolo says:

      You can pledge from anywhere, but for the pledge levels of $180 and above you just need to give us a US shipping address. Maybe a friend on the other side of the border?

  12. MarkoPolo says:

    For those of you who have been asking (begging?) we’ve posted 2 new updates to our Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign including our first stretch goal – Android anyone?!

  13. Vanya says:

    Very disappointing that the game is only available for pre-order.Are you considering the possibility of selling the board version of a site?

    • No, we won’t. This Designer Edition is meant purely as a reward for backers who help us make our Kickstarter campaign a success.

      If you want a copy, but don’t care about the digital games or the other rewards in the Kickstarter campaign, you might want to consider making a pledge at the Dragon-Master level.

  14. mastapoohba says:

    Hi i just pledged 30$ now how do i get my free Ipad game? do i have to wait till august?

    • Jesse says:

      Well, you’ll need to wait until it’s done. 🙂 It looks like they hope to be finished sometime in June but hopefully this summer for sure. I’m looking forward to it as well!

  15. MarkoPolo says:

    We have decided to cancel this Small World 2 Kickstarter campaign and “reboot” it in mid-March. Many Small World fans who wanted to support it found the original campaign confusing so we’re going to clarify and simplify the goals and rewards to more closely fit what fans would like to see.

    You can read the details and a more thorough explanation at:

    We will continue to post updates on our new plans in the cancelled campaign so that you can see what we’re planning and so backers can comment on them.


    Mark – Days of Wonder

    • Dread Pirate Leece says:

      Thank you for the reboot in Mid March, I am really keen to get an Android version.

      I am very much looking forward to the new Kickstarter. I’d be delighted if you put Ticket to Ride Europe up for Kickstarter for and Android version as well. Well, everything really…I’d buy it. So few decent Android pass and play games, and all of your games are a very good play.

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