Equipment Pack Bonus Scenarios for Memoir ‘44 fans

We’ve got a great holiday present for Memoir ’44 fans this year. Richard Borg has created 8 new bonus scenarios to go with all the new troops, weaponry, and military vehicles in the Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack.

The Equipment Pack Bonus Scenarios span theaters as far flung as the French Stand Near Arras during the fall of Dunkirk; the battle of Vetko Village in the Soviet-Finnish Winter War; and a Breakthrough Scenario featuring the British counter-attack against the Japanese in Burma at Torbung, these 8 scenarios will put your new Equipment Pack figures to the ultimate test.

Memoir '44 Equipment Pack

Here at HQ, we’ve printed up your new orders in a 12 page, four-color booklet that will be available free from retailers in Europe and North America in mid-December; and is also available for free (plus shipping & handling) from the Days of Wonder web store.

Note: Sargeant Frank recommends adding the Equipment Pack Bonus Scenarios to an order with another game or expansion to reduce your shipping costs from the Days of Wonder web store.

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8 Responses to “Equipment Pack Bonus Scenarios for Memoir ‘44 fans”

  1. Erik Uitdebroeck says:

    Great !!!
    Thanks DoW-guys.
    Looking forward to it.

    Erik Uitdebroeck

  2. moomergamer says:


    Thanks indeed.

  3. Johnhe0414 says:

    Thanks guys!!!

  4. Nibbler says:


    Top Christmas present for any M’44 fan.

  5. Pavel Mikaelovitch says:

    Dear DOW,

    I have invested bucketloads into the fantastic Memoir 44 system and all expansions. This simple gesture just adds to my opinion of your company and the passion that your people have for a wonderful system.


  6. 5 star general says:

    I have never heard of any game company giving away anything like this. It could only happen at DoW. This is one of the reasons that DoW is such a great company and Memoir 44 is the greastest gamimg system.
    Thank you Richard Borg and DoW for a great Christmas presant.

  7. Namkha says:

    Thank You, Mr Borg and DOW!

    It would be nice if DOW made this 12 page booklet available in high quality PDF format as well.

    I write this because many a M44 fan lives in countries where the mail simply takes three – six months to get there — IF it gets there in the first place.

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