Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack makes landfall in North America

The new Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack has hit the beach! Filling a game box as big as the original with the largest set of figures ever released for the Memoir ’44 game system the Equipment Pack includes 186 highly detailed plastic figures.

This is the definitive Memoir ’44 figure expansion and a “must-have” for fans. All these figures can be deployed over many of the existing Memoir ’44 scenarios, but you’ll also discover new scenarios in the Equipment Pack – 11 Standard, 2 Breakthrough and 4 Overlord – all designed with these new pieces in mind.

Memoir '44 Equipment Pack

The Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack is now available from the Days of Wonder webstore and better game stores in North America. Expect it to make landfall in Europe in September.

Order your copy now !

One Response to “Memoir ’44 Equipment Pack makes landfall in North America”

  1. Jaime says:

    When can europeans expect have their pre-orders?


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