Legendary Asia map goes digital for Ticket to Ride iPad, Steam & Online!

Take the mountainous route from Karachi to Kathmandu with Legendary Asia, the first new map to hit the Ticket to Ride digital platforms in 7 years!  The Legendary Asia map is available now in several different flavors – as an in-app purchase on Ticket to Ride iPad; from Valve®’s Steam® platform for PC and Mac; and our own browser-based Web Version.

First released as an expansion for the physical board game last Christmas, the Asia map collection proved immensely popular, selling out almost immediately. The digital version of Legendary Asia features:

  • Mountain Routes, which consume additional trains from the players’ reserves but score bonus points and speed the game’s ending
  • A Mongolian Horse marker that indicates how many turns have been played in this game
  • A Blinking Cities marker that indicates how many cities are connected together via the player’s largest route network – the key to winning a 10-point Asia Explorer bonus

Along with the Legendary Asia map, the latest release of Ticket to Ride iPad also brings a host of new (free) features, including: Full iOS Retina display implementation for all out-game UI elements; 3 new map-specific bots – PoirBot, EscherBot and KwaiBot for Europe, Swiss and Legendary Asia respectively; and a whopping 45 new achievements including 15 for the standard US map and another 15 for Europe, Swiss and new Legendary Asia.

Ticket to Ride for Steam users also have one additional thing to look for: With today’s release of a Mac version of Ticket to Ride for Steam, Ticket to Ride is now enabled as a Steam Play game. Customers who purchased a Steam version for their PC can now also play at no additional cost on their Mac (and vice-versa).

Ticket to Ride Legendary Asia is available now as an in-game purchase within Ticket to Ride for iPad and on Ticket to Ride Steam for $3.99/€2.99, and as an additional map for the Ticket to Ride Web Version. To purchase these digital versions of Ticket to Ride click one of the links below:

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18 Responses to “Legendary Asia map goes digital for Ticket to Ride iPad, Steam & Online!”

  1. Njordy says:

    But why do you ignore Mac AppStore version?

  2. Edgar says:

    This is great and all…but it’s not showing up on Steam. 🙁

    I’m dying to buy this so hopefully this is just a temporary setback.

  3. Darren says:

    Pocket version?

  4. mp says:

    Can you release the game on the iphone too ???

    There is only ticket to ride pocket and Europe actually…

    Thank you !!

  5. Andrew says:

    Second the vote for the Mac App store option. I have Steam on my desktop and I see I have been given keys so I could make the switch but I’d definitely like to know that all of my in-game purchases have moved over (I bought all of the maps on the app store version), and in general I do prefer the app store experience.

    That said, if you are consolidating on Steam then kudos for at least giving us product keys so we don’t have to re-purchase.

  6. Thunderbear says:

    Will there be an upgrade of the windows version to include Asia, or do I have to migrate to steam to get all the bells and whistles?

    • Edgar says:

      Existing web/download users are able to migrate to the Steam version for free.


      • Thunderbear says:

        Yeah, I tried the Steam version. The download version is much more appealing, mainly because the map area is bigger and the graphics are of higher quality.

        But my question was if there will be an upgraded download edition to include the Asia map? Please respond to this.

        Besides I already bought the Asia web version, I don’t really feel like buying it again.

        • The old downloadable version that was available in the past on our web site (I assume this is the version you are referring to) has been deprecated; it won’t see new maps. This being said, if you purchased Asia web, contact our tech support and we will do what we need to provide you with a Steam key for that DLC.

  7. Justin says:

    this is great news. Hopefully, Marklin, Nordic and India get a digital map release also!!

  8. Renee says:

    Will the Asia map be available as an in app purchase on the iphone also?

    Please dont leave out the iphone app.

  9. Aki says:

    Excellent update, thanks! I got addicted to the achievement hunting and reached them all except the three biggest playcount ones and the connect 22 cities in Asia map. I’ve managed to connect enough cities and I’ve done this as fast as possible (almost empty hand after it). I’ve even had a few matching tickets to boot. But I always have less points than the opponent, since I’ve had to concentrate on getting the exact routes, which make the feat even possible with the amount of trains given. This bugs me greatly… Must get back to trying. I hope you have done the math and know this to be possible without an AI glitch – Otherwise I’ll be a nervous wreck within a week! 🙂

    • Aki says:

      Phew, it’s done. And I even had about 8 missed tickets to boot! I guess the bot couldn’t handle being landlocked on the west coast of India…

  10. Aaron says:

    iphone version please!!!

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