1910 Expansion – now available in Ticket to Ride Pocket 1.2

Play Different with the new Ticket to Ride Pocket 1.2 – now featuring the USA 1910 expansion as an in-app purchase for your iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices.

The Ticket to Ride 1910 expansion adds 35 new Destination Tickets to the original set and features 3 new game play variants on the original US map – Classic 1910, Mega (with ALL the tickets), and Big Cities which exclusively uses Tickets connected to the US biggest cities.

We’ve also added new challenges, with 10 new Player Achievements for solo play, many of them specific to the new 1910 variants. How quickly can you break the 400 point barrier in the 1910 Mega Game?!

The Ticket to Ride 1910 expansion is available for $.99/€.79 through in-app purchase for owners of version 1.2. Current owners of Ticket to Ride Pocket can upgrade to version 1.2 for free before purchasing the 1910 expansion.  Add Ticket to Ride Pocket to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Visit the app store now and put Ticket to Ride in your Pocket.

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19 Responses to “1910 Expansion – now available in Ticket to Ride Pocket 1.2”

  1. And... says:

    Great, so where’s the Android version?

  2. Jeff Cushner says:

    It’d be nice if it was an android app, also.

  3. Scott says:

    How about a free upgrade to the 1910 expansion for owners of the xbox live and ipad versions? I love the 1910 Mega pack and it’s the only version of the game I play.

    • Jim says:

      I second this. I don’t really like having to pay for the same thing across different devices.

  4. Wayne says:

    I like the expansion. I’m looking forward to other games by Days of Wonder to be made for the iPhone, like Cargo Noir and Small World.

  5. Curtis says:

    Very cool! Thanks!

  6. Thomas says:

    How long will the $0.99 price be? Hopefully for a while since I was thinking of getting a Iphone next month!

  7. McKenzie K says:

    Are there any plans to make an Android version. I’ve been hoping so since I first saw it was on Ipads, pods, and phones. I love this game!

  8. Kellu says:

    No andorid, no purchase, no money, DoW broke

    • Jesse says:

      Sadly for the Android owners, this does not seem to be the case. Otherwise DoW would be creating an Android version…but for now it doesn’t seem likely.

  9. blacksmoke says:

    Can we please get some kind of official comment from DOW re Android support?

  10. leo says:

    is it possibile to improve the AI ?
    i made 15 solo games both 3 and 4 player mode, and i always win !
    the AIs aren’t are to weak 🙁

  11. Cynthia says:

    I’ve downloaded TTR on my home computer. Is it possible to purchase this new expansion for the program that’s already on my computer?

  12. Dan says:

    Any word on when the store will be reopened? I’ve been checking for the last 3-4 days.

  13. Sanity says:

    Ya, can we get an official word on an Android version? I do not now, nor will I ever own, an iPhone, or any other Apple device.

  14. Thor says:

    Aww sad face. I really would love for you guys to at least state if you are ever going to make an Android version or not.

  15. Steve Tanner says:

    Regarding all the Android questions, this July 2011 interview from BoardGameGeek might shed some light:

    Eric Hautemont at Days of Wonder: “…In terms of Android tablets, frankly the market is not there right now, the numbers of tablets purchased is a small market. Now in terms of Android phones there is a much larger market, large as or larger than i-devices, depending on whose numbers you believe. There are two fold issues, one is the number of platforms, it is difficult to get the game to work on every android phone that is out there. And we care a lot about the user experience, and we do not feel there is way for us to develop games on android because there are too many platform variations. And the amounting tweaking and individual testing that would be done is just impossible. I am sure in the future things will be easier, but it is not there yet and we do not want to be pioneers there. There other thing that is holding us back is the monetization. There are too many apps stores on the android and the issue is that none of them have the command like Apple does on the ipad. What’s great about the iOS platform is that Apple has a relationship with millions of people. So if you can get on the app store with the challenge of being noticed, the challenge of developing the good games but if you can do the good things the downloads will follow. Our idea with the android is that we are not sure we could make money with it, right or wrong that is our choice. Because we are a small company, we cannot afford to develop stuff that may or may not be usable down the road. So for now we are taking a wait and see approach. We don’t want to be there first but when we do go there we want to have the best applications. We don’t think we have the tools to do that right now.”


  16. Fred says:

    I understand that programming for a open system like Adroid is more difficult than for a closed system like iOS. Looking at the replies to threads concerning the iOS app, you can reach the conclusion that there is at least a market for this game on Android. It might be worth it checking out the options for Android 4. This offers at least the same platform for tablets and smartphones, with a lot more standardization. I would really welcome a version for Android a well. 20.000.000 Samsung Galaxy S2 well be eligible for an upgrade next week…

  17. Ron says:

    I can’t figure out how to upgrade to the expansion. Can someone give me some basic instructions on how to find it? Thanks.

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