Opinionated Gamers review Ticket to Ride Asia

Dale Yu at Opinionated Gamers recently reviewed the two new maps in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection Vol. 1 – Team Asia and Legendary Asia. Not only did he like the new maps, but in a rare show of “bi-partisan agreement” the Opinionated Gamers who commented gave Ticket to Ride Asia a universal thumbs-up!

I loved it!  It gave Ticket to Ride a whole new level of drama and excitement (or angst as your partner draws tickets instead of laying trains when you have unfinished destinations and the other team is clearly pushing to end it). – Valerie Putman, Opinionated Gamers

Read the full review of Ticket to Ride Asia at Opinionated Gamers.



One Response to “Opinionated Gamers review Ticket to Ride Asia”

  1. Shawn Harvey says:

    When can we expect these new expansions on the iOS TTR? I love them in real life but cannot wait until I can play while out for dinner.

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