Congrats to winners in BGG Cargo Noir Trivia Contest

Cargo NoirCongratulations to the 10 winners in the Cargo Noir “Trafficking in Troubled Waters” Trivia Contest which took place on over the past two weeks.  Winners came from as far away as Australia and Serbia and each will receive a copy of the new Days of Wonder board game, Cargo Noir.

The Cargo Noir contest had 5462 entrants – shattering the previous record of participants in a BGG contest!

Congratulations again to the winners:

JJJJS – United States
Aljovin – Quebec
dorianm – Serbia
RoyN – United States
worshipsf  – United States
Laner  – Norway
Aenea – Netherlands
Hayzuss – Australia
jlingwal – United States
ecs05norway – United States


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