Congrats to Alvin & Dexter winners

Congratulations to the 20 winners in Alvin & Dexter’s Excellent Adventure Contest!

Over 2600 BGG members entered with winners from around the globe, from Finland to New Zealand.

The first 10 to predict that Alvin would end up in Salt Lake City were: mazzame, Narl, Pietari, Candi, Jern, Foretfam, Foosman, moonglum01, InfoCynic, and Mike A

The first 10 to predict Dexter to Chicago were: badgeguy, spacewolf009, sross, sconway, E Decker, WickstarRunner, uiek, TiwazTyrsfist, Ad1da5, and danwalk.

Each winner receives a copy of the new Alvin & Dexter Ticket to Ride Monster Expansion, which will be available in stores around the world in early February.


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  1. Jesse says:

    Congratulations to the winners!!

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