Win Alvin & Dexter – Boardgamegeek contest and Days of Wonder are sponsoring  Alvin & Dexter’s Excellent Adventure Contest, running now through Tuesday January 18th.In this interactive contest, the two characters from the new Ticket to Ride Monster Expansion, are going on a week-long rampage across cities of North America. You get to help decide what cities on the Ticket to Ride map they will stomp on – and we’re giving away 20 copies of the new Alvin & Dexter Ticket to Ride Monster expansion to the players who are the first to accurately predict what cities these two end up in.

Visit Alvin & Dexter’s Excellent Adventure Contest to learn more and enter!

2 Responses to “Win Alvin & Dexter – Boardgamegeek contest”

  1. Zak says:

    well after its over i saw i got both of them right. Hopefully i got at least one copy…

  2. Lord Nibbler says:

    It was pretty fun to see how the mechanincs for Alvin & Dexter work on T2R. After taking part of the competition now I know I will add it to my collection but only to use from time to time to add a bit more of player interaction on T2R.

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