Summer’s end gaming fun

While summer will soon come to an end, Days of Wonder wants to make sure that your last few days of the season will be filled with exciting new game play.

This week (August 19) marks the 68th Anniversary of the raid at Dieppe – the failed attempt by the Allies to retake the German-occupied port of Dieppe on the northern coast of France in WWII. Memoir ’44 fans can commemorate that battle with our latest Battle Map  “Disaster at Dieppe”, which is now available at retail stores and from the Days of Wonder webstore. For the first time, this Battle Map includes two new units: the Long-Range Patrol Cars (Jeeps) and the Half-Tracks.


And don’t forget that if you missed out on the original print runs of the first two Small World expansions, both  Grand Dames of Small World and Cursed! are now in stores in the US (along with the new Tales & Legends expansion) and will appear in European game stores shortly.

Have fun!

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