Okay class, time to pay attention…

I’m only going to say this once…

  • Images from the cards on the Mystery Express website pages are clues
  • Text on the Mystery Express website is not a clue, unless we tell you it is
  • It can still be a clue if you don’t see the whole card
  • Sra. Perez did not poison anyone in the Lounge car at 4pm to steal their money. At least I’m pretty sure…
  • Tomorrow is a big day for budding detectives – bring your pencils!

– The Chief Detective

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2 Responses to “Okay class, time to pay attention…”

  1. Okie says:

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to fun and excitement tomorrow (though I hope you don’t try to “fool” us in honor of the day *grin*)

    Thanks again for a great contest. Looking forward to playing the game (heading down to my FLGS to take a hands on peek)

  2. Davion says:

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