Mystery Express “Whodunit” Contest

Alan Moon has vanished! International law enforcement officials suspect kidnapping and are scanning the globe for clues… and they need your help…

So begins the search for the missing Ticket to Ride designer, Alan R. Moon – and the Mystery Express “Whodunit” Contest. Between now and April 7th, a series of clues will be released that detail the 5 important elements of this crime – Suspect, Motive, Modus Operandi, Location and Time. A $500 reward has been posted by Days of Wonder for the first person who can figure out and submit all 5 elements correctly, but only once the final clues are released. We’ll also give away 10 copies of the new Mystery Express board game to the first 10 sleuths who send in a Telegram from Budapest that contains the correct guesses.

Clues will be released here on the Days of Wonder website; the Days of Wonder Facebook page, the Days_of_Wonder Twitter feed; and even some physical locations (more on that later).

Some clues are already available (hint: the Mystery Express website is full of them). Others will be released over the next few weeks, so you’ll have to be a vigilant detective to earn your reward and help rescue Alan.

More details on the crime; how to play the contest; and some hints on where and how to find more clues; are available on the Mystery Express Whodunit Contest page.

And your first clue… it happens on a train, you need to find out which car!

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One Response to “Mystery Express “Whodunit” Contest”

  1. I’m ready to go with this contest. I’m always up for a good distraction and am ready to win a free copy. You know an even better prize than $500 would be a complete set of Days of Wonder games.

    This should be fun.


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