New Official Memoir ’44 FAQ available

As many of you have discovered, Memoir ’44 by design is not a complex game. With this in mind, our goal from the very outset was to present the rules for the core set and all expansions in a logical and concise manner.

The only problem is that players sometimes have different interpretations of how to play no matter how concise the rule, and they look for clarification to be sure they are playing correctly.

An official comprehensive clarification is finally here in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for Memoir ’44.

The FAQ document covers all card questions and mirrors the Official Card Compendium which is the most up-to-date location for future questions. In addition to card questions, this document covers general Memoir ’44 questions, overlord questions, and questions about specific scenarios. We encourage players to print this document and keep it in their Campaign Bag for easy reference.

A special thanks to Jesse Rasmussen without whose participation and dedication this project would not have been possible!

You can either download the full booklet or the document on a section per section basis from Memoir ’44 website.

2 Responses to “New Official Memoir ’44 FAQ available”

  1. Ron Howard says:

    Great job Jesse! thank you for yet another valuable resource! This booklet will be the first place to go for answers to questions. I intend to print this out and put it with my game and expansions.

  2. Jesse Rasmussen says:

    My pleasure, Ron. I hope many people are able to print this FAQ out and keep it in their Campaign Bag to quickly answer any questions that come up. That’s what I’ve done with it!

    Thanks for the positive feedback.

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