Trolls – Troll Power!

Trolls - Troll Power!

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7 Responses to “Trolls – Troll Power!”

  1. Joszti says:

    It gets better ever day. Was this the last one? I lost the count 😉

    I thik this one might be a top 5 as well, though I wonder what’s in the bag. Or is it some kind of pants?

    Pity that the Busty Barbarian Babes didn’t show up ;-(

  2. 2fat4me says:

    yep, this is the last one. I think it’s rather good that the BBB’s didn’t get in because my mom wouldn’t let me get a game so “inappropriate”. I’m feeling like this game is going to rule, but I’ll wait until there is some real hype about it and reviews are actually positive.

  3. Kevster says:

    Alright theres all 14! Looking forward to some gameplay updates now. I’ve been a proponent of these teasers the whole time but now that we’ve had two weeks of them i do think its time we learn a bit about the actual game.

  4. Ben Boersma says:

    The Trolls look great!
    Sorry to see there’s no Reptilians or Lizardmen though 🙁


  5. Joszti says:

    I think the Tritons come closest to a reptilian?

    Time to make a top 5!

    I like the ghouls and amazons best I guess.

  6. Kikki says:

    And so… is today The Day??

  7. Joszti says:

    No, wednesday if I’m right.

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