Mediterranean Theater Expansion – New for Memoir ’44

The British are coming! New Mediterranean Theater expansion for Memoir ’44 introduces British Army and “Stiff Upper Lip” rules as well as 8 new North African scenarios.

The most requested addition to the Memoir ’44 system is for the British army and the new Mediterranean Theater expansion delivers. These Brits take to the sands of North Africa in 8 brand new scenarios that feature the famous “Stiff Upper Lip” tenacity of the British soldiers.

The Mediterranean Theater expansion features 75 new figures including 42 British Infantry, 24 Crusader Tanks, six 25 pounder guns and 3 anti-tank Special Weapon Assets. Also included are a new Mediterranean Rules booklet with 8 new historical scenarios in North Africa, 44 new double-sided Terrain tiles, new obstacles, markers and Special Forces badges.

There is also more good Memoir ’44 news – in addition to the new Mediterranean Theater expansion, reprints for the Terrain Pack, Winter/Desert Board and Pacific Theater expansions that have been unavailable will also be back in stock at the same time. While not required, the Winter/Desert boardmap is a great way to create a more authentic look for your North African scenarios.

The Eastern Front expansion is also being reprinted and will be available once again before the end of the year.

The Mediterranean Theater expansion, and the reprinted expansions will be available in October from the Days of Wonder web site and local game retailers. You can preorder yours now from the Days of Wonder Web Store.

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14 Responses to “Mediterranean Theater Expansion – New for Memoir ’44”

  1. ColtsFan76 says:

    Great news! All is (headed) right in the M44 world!

  2. Old Dwarf says:

    We GOT BRITS!!!!!!

  3. rasmussen81 says:

    What a great time to announce this new expansion! I start teaching again today…not a high point in the week…but the Brits are here so everything looks that much better!!

  4. Andrea says:


  5. Chris Haigh says:

    Hoorah at last , makes a change for the Brits to be late, but at last were on our way

  6. Sniperscout says:

    Great News ! A new expansion and a reprint of the other titles that I have been unable to acquire !

    Roll on October

  7. Boken says:

    Great, what’s next?

    Is it ok if I say… It’s about time…
    The war is almost over.

    Collectible and paper maps bad…. Expansions like this good.

  8. Jason says:

    Will the expansion include new summary cards (matching those in the Air Pack)?

  9. Kjetil says:

    I hope, as Jason asks, that the expansion also includes new summay cards.

    I also agree with Boken about the paper maps…

  10. Kjetil says:

    By the way; I do like my new campagne bag- will it hold this expansion, and the overlord thingie? ie; how much will fit inside the bag?

  11. Winter King says:

    I agree with Boken…”Collectible and paper maps bad…. Expansions like this good.”

    I think that this expansion is good because it has 8 new great scenarios
    (but why not an overlord one?…I don’t want to buy a desert paper map…).

    Another thing: are the new miniatures’ color enough different from that
    of the Japanese troop for burma /india / pacific theater scenarios?

  12. johnhe0414 says:

    Best news I have heard all week!!!

  13. antoine says:

    Winter King “are the new miniatures’ color enough different from that
    of the Japanese troop for burma /india / pacific theater scenarios?”

    Yes they are.

    British minis are darker than Japanese ones. Moreover, British soldiers have not the same posture, so on the battlefield you can clearly distinguish the British from the Japanese. And the tanks are very different, too.

    We designed this expansion with great care to avoid this sort of issues, and hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

  14. Nibbler says:

    Looking forward to pick this expansion up in the SPIEL (Essen) this year 🙂

    Congratulations for making it up after the disappointment I had for the OVerlord and maps expansions

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