Merlin’s Company: New cards and new enemies

sc.jpgThe clouds hanging over Camelot have darkened considerably ever since rumors of Morgan sowing trouble resurfaced… for this time, she did not come back alone, but with seven witches in tow, ready to wreak havoc whenever they appear. Their powers are great; Merlin will need all the Knights’ help he can summon to counter them.

Seven Witches

Each of Morgan’s seven witches has her own Special Black card with a unique power of its own. Thanks to these witches brew you might end up losing cards and Life Points, unwillingly sending hordes of Picts and Saxons against Camelot, or spreading unwelcome dissension . So watch out for the witches’ powers! They will make completing your Quests all the more difficult.

Merlin to the rescue


Fortunately, new beneficial events will also help you fight against evil: you may be able to call for Merlin’s help, receive Divine Favor, agree to a truce with your enemies… Unity is victory, so keep together, or the shadow will win!


Merlin’s Company brings you 8 new special White Cards to help you fight Morgan and her witches. These cards may be used to call Merlin to the rescue, to play more fight cards, to counter a hex… Will you be able to stop the forces of evil from tearing the land apart?

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3 Responses to “Merlin’s Company: New cards and new enemies”

  1. Condor says:

    Alright, we finally get a glimpse at the central mechanics of this expansion. Just seems to me that the new cards are going to lengthen the game overall. If you have something that counters everything else.

    I’m still biting…

    but if the art on all the witch cards is the exact same … good grief what a budget buster this expansion has become.

    Err… I’m going to join up with Lancelot I think.

    The Condor

  2. Mark says:

    Are the Merlin cards that are in the original deck replaced by new Merlin cards or are the new cards used in addition to the old Merlin cards?

  3. antoine says:

    Indeed, the new cards are used in addition to the old ones.

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