Memoir ’44 – Campaign Bag for Storage & Travel

tank-100.jpgThe official Campaign Bag is the definitive storage and travel solution for the Memoir ’44 Game System. It is specifically designed to accommodate even the most demanding Overlord player and will hold up to 2 complete copies of the board game, plus all current expansions; or a single copy of the game with all its expansions and more room to grow.

Memoir ‘44 - Campaign Bag

This long-awaited accessory is a must-have for the dedicated Memoir ’44 player. Made of classic army “olive-drab” canvas with multiple pockets – it features custom game-graphics that complement the Memoir ’44 packaging, making it a snap to carry your game collection around and the ideal companion to the upcoming M44 Tournament season!

The Memoir ’44 Campaign Bag also includes a large-scale bonus countryside map in the new BREAKTHROUGH format, plus on the reverse side, an exclusive ready-to-play battle map – Breakthrough to Gembloux!

The Campaign Bag is the perfect complement to the Memoir ’44 gaming experience and will be available in early June from the Days of Wonder web site and your local game retailer. You can preorder yours now from the Days of Wonder Web Store.

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25 Responses to “Memoir ’44 – Campaign Bag for Storage & Travel”

  1. ColtsFan76 says:

    I believe in miracles!

  2. gheintze says:

    What is this “Breakthrough” format of which you speak?

    Thanks for the info, DOW. As usual — it’s worth the wait.


  3. Mike W says:

    I threw away all my expansion packaging and moved everything to a couple of plano type boxes. Is this going to cause problems for using the bag / compartments ?

  4. Mark says:

    Mike W… Unless the size of your plano boxes are unusually large, you should be able to fit them easily into the Campaign Bag. The main compartment is rather large and designed to be very flexible, even if you don’t keep the game boxes. There is also a separate pocket for game boards and several other smaller ones for components, dice, cards, etc…


  5. Steven P says:

    Actually… I’d like to know the answer to Mike’s question too. I threw all my stuffs out for the same reason. Hopefully I wont need them!

  6. Steven P says:

    And I see it was answered. Thanks =)

  7. Mark says:

    gheintze Says:
    What is this “Breakthrough” format of which you speak?

    Breakthrough format is played on a deeper map that is 17 hexes deep and 13 hexes wide. The map that is included with the Campaign Bag is paper (like a regular road map) with one side that is a general countryside map (all standard terrain and the basic summary cards on each side) that can be used for any scenario designed in Breakthrough format. The flip side of the map has the Breakthrough to Gembloux! scenario with all the terrain and unit positions pre-printed on the map, along with the scenario rules, Summary cards specific to that scenario and the Historical Background. It makes setup really fast as you simply put the units in the spots designated for them and play!


  8. Nathan says:

    can’t wait, thanks for hte update!!!!

    I will definately be getting.

    Any clue when this will be widely available in FLGS’s?

  9. Mark says:

    Nathan Says:
    Any clue when this will be widely available in FLGS’s?
    It’s hard to say with certainty, but we expect them to be in FLGS by mid June.


  10. cazz says:

    will breakthrough map(s) be available seperate?

  11. Erik says:

    I own two of every M’44 product.
    Will the bag hold it all?

  12. Erik says:

    Another thought… Will it come with a much needed webcode?

  13. Mark says:

    Erik Says:
    I own two of every M’44 product. Will the bag hold it all?
    Another thought… Will it come with a much needed webcode?

    Well if you buy two bags, they will all fit. 😉
    Actually you will be able to fit 2 complete M44 boxes, plus 1 of each expansion, but not 2 of each in a single bag if you keep them in their boxes.

    And webcodes (with the one time exception of Pacific Theater) only come in the original games.

    cazz Says:
    will breakthrough map(s) be available seperate?
    Possibly in the future, but not initially.


  14. Tony says:


  15. Mik says:

    Saw the bag in real life when I talked with Mark last week.

    It looked solid and of good quality, and even though I have not kept any of the small expansion boxes I am sure I shold be able to fit some kind of replacement boxes into the smaller pockets.

    When I saw the prototype bag in the Nürnberg pic, I almost gave up on the bag – but now I can’t wait to get hold of it.

    It really looks impressive!

  16. Tony says:

    I hope to see a bag similar to this on the horizon for Battlelore! :)…

  17. Jesse says:

    Any hints as to when the bag will be shipped out? It looks good DoW, keep up the great work!!

  18. Caboose says:

    Mark, Eric

    To clarify, if one has a copy of every expansion (to date as of this writing, which includes the following : Pacific, Eastern, Terrain and AirPack expansions) as well as M44, does the Storage Bag hold it all ?

    If so, is there room for future expansions ? And if there is room, roughly how much more room ?


  19. Joan Ribera says:

    Hi! I have to say that I’m really disappointed with the bag. I have all the expansions and my main problem is about storage, as they take a lot of space. So, paying 40 € for a cloth bag that will take the same space is a waste, from my point of view. This could have been a must have if it would be designed to keep all the stuff and to sort the huge amount of tiles without the boxes, especially the expansion boxes, which are quite flimsy…
    The only weakness in a great game system, IMHO…

  20. Erik says:

    Are the side panels rigid with hard plastic inserts or is it a crushable soft case?

  21. Mark says:

    The Campaign Bag is expected to be available from the DOW Web store and from retailers in early June.
    It will fit all a copy of the base game, all current expansions and with more room for future expansions.
    Side panels are soft case.


  22. Matteo says:

    I have to say that in my opinion the bag is useless at all. I think that my old school bag and plastic boxes with section save lot of time and of money.
    I’m interested about the map (same size of epic Battlelore) but I CAN’T spend 40 euro for it only.
    If it will be sold alone I’ll surely buy it. Otherwise I can live without it having already memoir with all the expansions and battlelore + epic + call to arms.
    The boards seems me a strategy to sell the bag.
    I competely agree with Joan RIbera

  23. Shadow4ce says:

    Could you please give us the individual pocket dimensions (either here, or in the forums).

    I would like to have storage containers of the appropriate size already in place when this product releases, and my original packaging is getting rather “used” and needs replacing.

    Not to mention (what a silly phrase, as we all now know I’m going to mention)…

    I can’t be the only one who has a hard time getting all the components back in with the box-tops completely closed on the original and the Air-Pack… or am I?

  24. Eric says:

    Yes, we will try and post some rough dimensions of the bag’s inside, and of the pockets when we are back in the office. The picture that shows how to put boxes in gives a pretty good idea of what can fit and how, in the meantime.

  25. Patrick says:

    I’m really baffled by your price setting for europe…

    40.00 USD = 25.0454 EUR currently.

    And you charge 40 EUR = 63.8859 USD

    I find this almost criminal…
    Can you please explay this?

    Warm regards,

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