Upgrading your Scenarios (and ours)

tank-100.jpgBuilding up on the success of our newly released Memoir ’44 Air Pack, we have embarked on a months-long project to revamp how we create, design and store scenarios in Memoir ’44 and BattleLore, and help pave the ground for future projects.

Today, the first visible step is becoming visible on the Scenarios from the Front page on Memoir ’44 website.

Memoir ’44 scenarios will now all conform to the data model briefly hinted at on the “Naming conventions for M44 scenario titles” thread on Memoir ’44 forum.

Changes have been made in the editor itself, to help scenario designers conform to the standards introduced in the Air Pack scenario booklet, and on all the pages that contain lists of scenarios (Official Scenarios, Scenarios from the Front, etc…)

The most visible and immediate change is the interactive preview you will now notice if you let your mouse hover over any of the scenarios in a list; the next change you will likely notice is the new wealth of filters and search tools available to help you locate the very scenario you were looking for.

But these changes also go beyond skin-deep. Inside the scenario editor itself, you will now find a bevy of new data fields, some of which warrant more explanations:

  • The Front pop-up menu, at the top of the Battle Info pane in your editor, is used to select the Front most appropriate for your scenario, based on geographical location and using the same nomenclature (Western Front, Eastern Front, Pacific Theater and Mediterranean Theater) first introduced in the Air Pack booklet.
  • The Operation pop-up displays a list of all officially approved Operations to date. This list is currently limited to the Operations featured in the official scenarios (ie those listed in the Air Pack) but will progressively increase over time to encompass all known Operations for WW II.
    If your scenario belongs to an already featured Operation, please select it from that list; if your scenario is about an Operation that does not appear in the list yet, please click on the “Submit an Operation” link in the editor to submit your operation name for approval and addition to the official list.
    Please make sure to use the proper naming conventions outlined on the “Naming conventions for M44 scenario titles” thread on Memoir ’44 forum.
    Note that this field should only be used to list an Operation, not to list a battle, geographical information, etc.. as was sometimes done in earlier scenarios. If your particular scenario was not part of a well known Operation, this field should be left empty – and you may use the Sub-title field instead, to note additional information you deem relevant.
  • The Start date is the date upon which your scenario started, in history. Unless it lasted over several days, you should leave the End date empty.
  • The Type should be left as Historical by default.
  • In the Game Info pane, a distinction is now made between the Sides you play from, and the actual Country forces in play.

Because all of the scenarios produced to date (yours and ours) have been conforted to this new data format, it is important that you verify no anomaly was introduced in error; specifically, that a Start Date is indeed specified; that the Countries involved are properly spelled out; the more data you input, the more useful and accessible your scenarios will be to fellow users using our new Search tools and filters; so please take a few minutes to verify your prior work is conforming to the above specs and new format.

We hope you enjoy all of the above, as a teaser of things to come. Additional improvements for BattleLore adventures, and significant upgrades to the editors for both games, will follow in the months to come.

The Coding Headquarters at DoW

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7 Responses to “Upgrading your Scenarios (and ours)”

  1. ColtsFan76 says:

    This looks great! When will we be getting the revised scenarios from the Air Pack posted?

  2. 50th says:

    looks great, but firefox keeps freezing up and then says it needs to close. Firefox hates it. Is this a bug, or other problem?

  3. yann says:

    Firefox should be fine, the whole thing was developed using it! Please send us a bug description with your detailed system (and Firefox) configuration using this form:




  4. Eric says:

    The revised scenarios from the Air Pack will come once the major upgrade to the Scenario Editor is released, later this year.

  5. Caboose says:


    In regards to the revised scenarios for Air Pack, will the AAR info be “wiped” out for the scenarios that are revised or if stored, some what to differentiate the old from new ?

    Yann – sorry, my Firefox also freezes up as well on the scenario editor!


  6. Peter says:

    Looks great, but I used to be able to set the format to A4 paper. Now only Letter seems to be supported. Will there also be a version with the background image?


  7. Big On Boardgames says:

    When I log in to Memoir44.com, it tells me my web time has expired.
    All I want to do is check the Official Scenarios and Scenarios From The
    Front sections, NOT play any games! But I can’t find a way to get to
    those sections. The system says I have to create a new account,
    albeit using a previous web access number (I think that’s what it says,
    more or less).

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