Ticket to Ride – the card game is available for preorder!

t2r.gifTicket to Ride – The Card Game is available for preorder on our webstore.

Order your copy now !

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3 Responses to “Ticket to Ride – the card game is available for preorder!”

  1. Ravensson says:

    Just wondering where this was printed? A few people made comments about it being a little expensive for a card game, but because it was Days of Wonder, it would be worth it. I would agree as long as it wasn’t printed in China, because I was really disappointed with the quality of Switzerland. I think if it’s printed with the regular supplier I would jump on it, but otherwise I might have to wait.


  2. Patrick says:

    Card Game is printed by the regular European supplier.
    Jump on it !

  3. Ravensson says:

    Getting ready to pounce…


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