Memoir ’44 – End of Year Update

tank-100.jpgAs the year winds down we’ve got several Memoir ’44 items to share!

– The Memoir ’44 Air Pack expansions have arrived in the US and are en route to our distributors and retailers in North America. Copies are expected to begin showing up in stores next week. All of the Air Pack pre-orders from the Days of Wonder online store have also shipped. In both cases however, nasty weather around the country may cause some shipping delays that are beyond anyone’s control, so we ask you to be a little patient if you are not able to get your copy right away.

– The Memoir ’44 Card Compendium is now posted and available.

Overlord Airpack Rules are now posted on the Overlord page

– We’ve posted the Air Pack Expansion FAQ.

– We’ve added a German translation of the Summary cards from the core game to the rules page (Thanks to Marc Koch for this contribution).

We all hope you have a great holiday seasons!

— The Days of Wonder Platoon

This post is also available in: French

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