… and seen from the rear!


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8 Responses to “… and seen from the rear!”

  1. Glen says:

    Cattle Riders – too cool.

  2. aslskfan says:

    Why more Dwarven spear chuckers?

  3. Wooky says:

    Why more Dwarven spear chuckers?

  4. ZiNOS says:

    Probably because a circular formation with spears was the answer to the English cavalry. I don’t remember the name of the unit now but as far as i know, groups of Scots, trained to move and battle in tight circles with spears, beat the crap out of the English cavalry while they were sent just to delay them 🙂

  5. Hory says:

    42 figures is something, too bad that there are many dwarves. I think that having too many bold units makes the game less tactical.

  6. Igarka says:

    I belive one reason for more spear dwarvs is that we need a sertain number of units to make it possible for an all dwarf deployment deck.

  7. Wee Sodjer says:

    The circular formation with spears was called a schiltron although, to confuse matters more, schiltrons did not necessarilly have to be circular.

    I just love the wee Aberdeen Angus coos and am now inspired to quote Scotland’s other poet, the great McGonnagle:

    As ah wis walkin doon a road,
    Ah saw a coo… A bull by Goad!

    (For the purists amongst you, bull is pronounced to rhyme with gull)

  8. David E Knepper says:

    This is, of course, the most appropriate way for dwarves, Scots or otherwise, to be seen!

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