Dwarves on the war path…

We’re on the road for a while, but these stout little fellows are slowly getting ready to come to our shores… so here’s a picture to help you wait, and we’ll do our best to post some more pictures in the near future…

Scottish Wars Cover

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8 Responses to “Dwarves on the war path…”

  1. Cek says:

    Wow that human cavalry looks great… I wonder what it will do differently compared to the red cavalry in the starter box. Looks like some lance weapon. Maybe it ignores a bonus hit from other cavalry? Maybe it can charge and recieve an extra die?

  2. Michael Mitchell says:

    The bull has been well sculpted… good job!

  3. Glen Cote says:

    Sweet! More stuff!

  4. aslskfan says:

    An all Cav expansion……….

  5. Old Dwarf says:

    So they gave us Human Lance Cav to go with the Dwarf
    Bull Riders!I guess the Beer Wagon required a little more
    time to work up?

  6. Ava Jarvis says:


    When are elves & dragons? 🙂

  7. Justin Williams says:

    Dragons and elves sound nice, but I think i would rather have historical Scots winning with spears and claymores……but I like dwarves too. How bout both!

  8. GBCh says:

    Sweet! This is the only game I’m willing to waste money on to get tons of expansions. This is my “guilty pleasure”. I want the UNDEAD, the HEROES, more CREATURES, dragons and new lore cards!

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