Two new adventures and embarrassing mistakes

To celebrate the release of the first two Specialist sets, the Goblin Skirmishers and Dwarven Battalion, we have just released online two bonus adventures (in addition to the two that came in each of these packs) – Goblin Gold and Dwarven Renegades. You can find them in the Approved Adventures section of our website.

To our dismay, we’ve also discovered two embarrassing mistakes when unwrapping our own copies:

  • The back of all the Specialist cards issued in these sets (and future sets, to be released in August) is not the one we intended it to be, resulting in a visual mismatch with the Specialist cards that came with Call to Arms. The Specialist cards in the Specialist sets incorrectly shows a back of card that is identical to the back of Deployment cards, rather than the intended back for Specialist cards 🙁
  • And despite a visual inspection of the final prototypes before assembly, two of the banners in the upcoming Goblin Marauders set, incorrectly display a Blue mounted bow where they should have displayed Blue long sword banners instead, for use with the Hyena riders.

The first mistake is a purely visual and esthetic one, that does not affect gameplay, since you are supposed to choose the Specialist cards of your own liking when deploying new troops, rather than drawing them at random. We wish to apologize for it nonetheless…


The wrong and correct back of cards

The second mistake is more problematic. We have asked the manufacturer responsible for the error to airship us the correct replacement banners, which we will mail free of charge to anyone that requests them. In the meantime, you can simply use any of the Blue long sword banners that came with your base game, and attach these to your Hyena riders before deployment.

The silver lining in this is that it gives you 2 free Blue mounted bow banners – which we recommend you use with caution, if at all -. Ostrich riders should remain green bow units only!

We hope you will have fun with these new troops nonetheless, and ask for your understanding as we work to fix these issues.

The DoW War Council

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32 Responses to “Two new adventures and embarrassing mistakes”

  1. ColtsFan76 says:

    Does this mean you will not be correctting the error to the cards? If so, I really find that unacceptable!

  2. The Mad Gonzo says:

    It would be really expensive and time consuming to correct the cards from the first print run, so I wouldn’t count on it.

    That said, here’s hoping that DoW will provide us with the option of free replacements once the cards are corrected on the second print run.

  3. JJR says:

    The new scenarios look good. Will the online adventure editor be updated with the new units soon?

  4. nekrolog says:

    The specialist card backs do not affect function at all – the rules that DoW have published for the game do not require them to be the same. I hope there isn’t a lot of over-reactive criticism about this, considering that DoW is the most consumer-conscious game company I’ve ever encountered.

  5. eric says:

    What it means is that we currently have not figured how to best correct this problem yet. Once we do (figure it out), we will post again.

  6. eric says:

    Yes the adventure editor update will go up shortly. Various vacations (yes, even here we do take some, lol) have thrown us off schedule a bit, but not for long 😉

  7. ColtsFan76 says:

    Thanks Eric. The way the message was worded, it sounded like this wass your final solution for the current print run: replacement banners but only apologies for the cards.

  8. Echtalion says:

    Outstanding customer service yet again.
    Thanks DOW. So we’ll get replacement banners and then something about the cards once you figure out what.
    I understand these issues may occur, but I’m SO picky, and want everything to be perfect with my games.

  9. Mvettemagred says:

    Something about misprinted card backs says, “Card Protectors!”

    But seriously, while my OCD may have an issue with the card backs, my style of play won’t. I use the published rules regarding selecting Specialists cards, so no worries. If my OCD really flares up, I’ll use card protectors.

    Rock on, DOW, for replacing the banners. The thought of blue mounted archers really has me drooling!

  10. aDVISOR says:

    May I suggest that you produce card protectors with different backs (even the design of the current cards) that fit your cards (none of the protectors I’ve tried fit the cards well) and have them up for sale on your web store.

  11. Caboose says:

    aDVISOR, would the normal MTG card protectors work, or does one need to get the longer YuGiOh card protectors for the DoW specialist cards ?


  12. Sébastien Chouinard says:

    Caboose, YuGiOh sleeves work *almost* ok. They are the right width, but they are 2-3 mm too short. They still do a decent job of protecting the cards.

  13. chomama says:

    Well, maybe it is acceptable to you guys over there in yankee land .. what are you paying for these packs .. $10 or something. They are $35 AUD or more over here in australia (about what you guys pay for a full game), so I’m glad I did not hand my cold hard cash over to DOW before finding this out, if they re-print the expansions, replace everyones cards who got diddled, then I might think about it one day. Sure it’s expensive for days of wonder but THEY made the mistake…

  14. IjonTichy says:

    I second the request for Card-Protectors that fit the Cards. I think there are lots of money to make with Sleeves that fit DOW-Cards and FFG-Cards.


  15. christian says:

    this stinks, i have spent over $300 on battlelore (2 sets, call to arms, epic, specalist packs etc. ) i hope dow will come up with something to fix the card problem.

  16. Will says:

    I third the request for card protectors that fit. They could have a single design with a back that is opaque on the back to cover up things like this, or they could have a couple designs, one that covers up and one that’s clear.

    In either case, I think they could make money doing something like this, or at least break even. I imagine a lot of people would be interested in buying themed card protectors for thier games. Even if it has no theme but fits properly, I bet people would buy it, both for this game and others.

    They could even use this route to fix the cards, rather than reprinting. Offering card protectors for a small shipping charge, or free would probably satisfy most people.

    Another alternative route, would be to reprint just the the Call to Arms specialist cards, so as not to need to reprint all the others. Just move forward and call the “mistaken” design the new official design, and the CtA cards as the ones that aren’t correct. Then you’d only have to consider correcting one set, instead of all the sets. I don’t know the numbers of cards with all the sets though (I only own the core BL, but I’m seriously looking at epic and CtA right now), so depending on the number of cards involved and how they are manufactured, this may or may not make sense.

  17. Will says:

    BTW, when I say themed card protectors, I mean things like a BattleLore theme for example

  18. I, too, would love decent card protectors to fit the DOW sized cards. The DOW cards are too long for Yu-Gi-Oh, and too narrow for MTG/Sportscard (but I use MTG sleeves anyway, since it covers completely.

    I’m disappointed in the misprint backs

    I’m disapoointed in the inability to buy spare/replacement cards.

    Still, DOW is one of the BEST customer service game production houses out there.

  19. Darren Archer says:

    Even though my wife and I have become huge fans of BattleLore since it’s release, we’re not interested in getting a bunch of card protectors (which everyone on this forum seems to be fixated on).

    I hope DOW can find a way to satisfy those customers who ended up with the 1st printing cards, but for those of us who have not yet purchased the Specialist Packs, I would ask that DOW keeps us informed as to when a second printing will be available. It would also be good to have a way to recognize the second printing when it arrives at our local game store.

    While it is disappointing to have to wait to expand our collection, there is plenty of replayability with the core set and Call To Arms to keep us interested until the Specialist Packs are brought up to DOW’s usual level of high quality.

  20. Will says:

    Or they could decide to replace the Call To Arms cards and leave the rest alone, and treat the CTA as the mistake, not the others 🙂 It might very well be easier and cheaper for them to reprint a single product’s cards, than several.

    Keep in mind that if you play according to the rules (choose specialists you like), the card backs won’t matter anyway. So if you play that way, no real reason to wait to buy them. It could be a number of months before they reprint the expansions with fixed cards if thats what they end up doing.

  21. Darren Archer says:

    That’s true, but since the BattleLore expansions we’ve seen so far are just the first in a line of products that will probably continue for years to come, I doubt that DOW would put themselves in a position where all of their future products would need to be intentionally misprinted, by treating CTA as the defect.

    Call me a perfectionist, but I would still prefer to have the game come out as DOW’s designer’s had intended (and I think we’re going to see that). At the very least, I will wait to hear their decision before purchasing anymore BattleLore products.

  22. Cigarman says:

    I definitely WILL NOT be buying any additional Battlelore products until the card problem with these two products has been corrected.

    I do not care if the misprinted back do not effect play. They are still MSIPRINTED and I will NOT spend good money on defective products.

    Please let us know when the corrected product will be available at my FLGS and I will happily start buying Battlelore supplements again.

  23. Ted says:

    Have you ever heard the saying from computer science “If you find a bug, document it and call it a feature.”

    The cards aren’t a bug, they’re a feature. This allows them to be easily separated into separate decks.

    I’m glad that DoW thought of this! Nice touch!

    Seriously, though, my enjoyment of BL will not be diminished one iota by this “error.”

  24. Phoenixio says:

    I think that this kind of mistake shouldn’t make people regret their purchase of products, nor stop them from enjoying Battlelore. DoW will surely find a way to correct the problem, and I personnaly hope it will NOT be card protectors. Like a few people here, I will wait and see if the problem is solved soon, nut will not hesitate to purchase the products anyway.

    It is understandable that most people want a perfect product, and I doubt DoW will let the thing like they are now. And if they wanted the Specialist card to be different from the deployment ones, there should be a reason.

    Just give them some time for them to see what to do.

  25. Will says:

    Sounds like DoW shoulda just kept quiet about it, or said that they always intended it that way.

    You guys are essentially saying “OMG I won’t buy anything more until they fix this cosmetic differance that won’t affect me if I play by the rules.”

    If DoW had said something along the lines of “We have designed differant backs so you can tell CtA specialist cards from other add-ons, because according to the rules, you choose the ones you like. However, if someone wants to play an UNOFFICIAL variant of random specialist draws, you can ____ ”

    Then would you guys have complained?

    All you guys are doing is pushing and encouraging DoW to hide similar issues next time, or be less open and informative on the blogs. If they called this a “Feature” instead of a “misprint,” would you have complained? Sounds like the word “misprint” is offensive to some of you. Or if they had just kept quiet about it, and replied in the forum that they intentially changed the card backs, would you have complained?
    I have no doubt this is why they don’t publish more information about upcoming products or dates, because everyone would complain if they DARED have a delay! Even if the delay was caused by a supplier that was entirely out of thier control.

    ____ could be something like, purchase a replacement set of cards for just a nominal shipping charge

    Darren Archer: I doubt the designer, Richard Borg, had much to do with the artwork on the back of the specialist cards. I also doubt he cares all that much if its the one way or the other way. Most likely they had an artist work up some sketches and he said yeah that looks fine, and then the artist worked the sketch up into the final artwork. In fact, its quite possible he wasn’t involved with the card back art on the specialist cards at all. I imagine he’s very busy playtesting this stuff and designing new scenarios, so its just as likely other people at DoW handle most of the artwork.

  26. Phoenixio says:

    I agree with Will about most of these things. But I also think that DoW did well by openly saying it, for they look like they really care for their customers.

    Let’s also take note that the back of the card might seem only usefull for those who play a hazard-full variant, but they also allow people like me to distinguish from behind the different kinds of cards. I mean, when I finish a game, I just throw all my cards in one pile, and it’s pretty easier to reform the usual piles (Deployment, Lore, Command, etc) by looking on the back of the cards. Might be a little detail, but…

    And also take note that of the two mistakes, most people here think that the esthethic one is the worst, then the banners… Gamers are picky about what their games look like it seems. =)

  27. Will says:

    Yeah, only 2 out of 26 comments have mentioned the word “banner.”

    Apparently they dont care if potentially a player in the game has a game unbalancing blue mounted bow (they say ostrich riders should be GREEN mounted bow only!), instead of a normal mounted long sword weapon.

    Unbalanced gameplay is apparently not as important as a cosmetic blemish that shouldn’t even affect your game if you play according to the rules!

  28. Darren Archer says:

    I think the reason people haven’t been commenting on he banners is because DOW has already offered to mail people the correct ones once they’re available.

    Also, to put Will’s other concern to rest, I don’t think anyone has posted anything here that would upset DOW so much that they would suddenly stop keeping their customers informed. It sounds like these posts are coming from people who care about BattleLore and want it to be successful. We’re just having a discussion. That’s what this blog is for, afterall.

  29. Will says:

    IMHO, People promising to never buy BattleLore from now on unless DoW does something they are demanding doesn’t sound like people who are just wanting “battlelore to be successful”

  30. Jude says:

    I just bought the Goblin Skirmishers and Dwarven Battalion expansions and they look pretty cool. I’m hoping to play this week-end.

    I would have liked 3 extra Goblin drummers so that I could use both the Band and Drummers specialist cards at the same time, though.

    I usually use the Ultra-Pro thin, clear card sleeves (2 5/8 x 3 5/8) for most games. They work okay for the Battlelore decks except for being a bit wide. I’m hoping that I can get solid-backed ones that will also fit.

    ***My question is, since I plan to get the new expansions as soon as my game store has them, to where exactly do I write to get the replacement banners?


  31. Will says:

    Jude: Either it will be like the dice replacement program, where you click a link to request and its all automatic, or you’ll have to use the contact form to request it.

    I’m thinking its the contact form since I dont think there’s a registration # on the expansions, only the base game.

    Here’s the link to the “Your Days of Wonder game had missing or damaged pieces when you opened it” form:

  32. eric says:

    Yes, there will be an item on the contact form. we can’t do like the dice replacement because there is no serial # indeed. More info will follow on this and the cards’ back once we come back from Gencon, the week after next.

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