Summer is coming…

With the arrival of summer, our traditional Trade Show season is beginning to heat up in earnest. Here’s a brief preview of what new things, BattleLore- related, you will get a chance to see:

  • Origins 2007 (Columbus, OH – July 4 thru 8): Demo versions of the first Specialist packs, the Dwarven Battalion and Goblin Skirmishers sets, will be shown for the first time to the general public. Actual “For Retail” copies will follow soon thereafter and should be shipping by Mid-July.
  • World Boardgame Championship (Lancaster, PA – July 31 thru August 5): Demo versions of the second wave of Specialist packs, the Goblin Marauders and the Hundred Years’ War – Crossbows & Polearms sets, will be previewed for the first time.
  • Gencon 2007 (Indianapolis, IN – August 16 thru 19): With any luck, the 2nd wave of Specialist packs, previewed at the WBC, will become available for sale at this date.

In addition, we will be running BattleLore events (demos, tournaments, …) at all of these venues. Details will be posted in the Events section of our web site as we get closer to each show.


Throw a few summer vacations in for most of us all, and this blog is likely to see a few less updates than customary during the coming two months.

In the meantime, you may want to visit the battleloremaster web site, where Open-the-Box pictures of the first wave of Specialist packs have just started appearing!

We wish you all a great summer and hope to see many of you at the shows.

The BattleLore War Council, about to retire to its Summer Court.

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9 Responses to “Summer is coming…”

  1. Jaz1597 says:


  2. Zeal says:

    Thanks for the update!

  3. eric says:

    Oh, and to answer a long ago question about the Hundred Years’ War pack: The four battles included will be Crécy, Cocherel, Patay and Poitiers. In addition, Agincourt is revisited, in Epic mode this time 😉

  4. ZiNOS says:

    When are the heroes coming? Are they having a vacation too?

  5. Paul says:

    I was really hoping those first two Specialist packs would be available at Origins.

  6. aslskfan says:

    See you at Origins!

  7. Wilmov says:

    It looks great, I am really looking forward to it!
    Can you guys be more specifick on the release date? Will it be a global release or Europe after USA (like with Epic) ?

    thanks for the info and hard work!

  8. zzzuperfly says:

    I am unhappy 🙁
    I was certain that the promotional figures would be up for sale also so the fact that I was leaving on a 4 month vacation on the 2nd of december (and thus couldn´t book it in advance) didn´t matter. Now I check the website regulary to see if you guys are selling any but no… why is that?
    I realise this is not the right place for whining but I just couldn´t contain myself any longer 😛

  9. Zeal says:

    I’m sure someone will be along eventually to tell you, but as far as I know, they were VERY clear from the beginnig that the Hill Giant would only be for available on pre order and in your FLGS. You can still find on Ebay.

    However, it looks like you still can order the Earth Elemental on the promo page:

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