The sounds of music (part 2)

Like many other Dwarves-related contraptions, the bagpipe is a rather peculiar, if somewhat underappreciated, device.


Whereas the thuds and thumps of a Goblin bass drum reverberating over the battlefield warm the heart and spirit of fellow friendly units, the Dwarves’ instrument quite literally does nothing but sow fear in their enemies’ ranks.


Arms wrapped around the goatskin bag and fingers busily playing the chanter, the stout little fellows never get the chance to draw a weapon! Curiously, those foolish enough to dismiss them as a result are often last seen running for their lives, off the battlefield…


There seems to be as many variations of bagpipes and pipers as there are dwarven units on the battlefield; they come in all colors, leading to interesting choices and trade-offs during deployment.

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15 Responses to “The sounds of music (part 2)”

  1. MZA says:

    Well, I’ve always been scared of bagpipes myself, so this makes perfect sense… o.0

    Loving this new addition, can’t wait for further expansions. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. chemnitz says:

    Speaking as a (half-)Scotsman, “Bagpipes rule!”

    I like that they come in three different colors. I’m sure that a red bagpipe unit is truly something to be feared! Imagine the havoc that they could do to terrified units, such as gobbos.

  3. eric says:

    The fact that they cause no actual damage whatsoever, ever, makes them very interesting to use, too. There are a couple of other devastating ways they can be used, besides lines of gobbos. I am sure you will all discover them soon enough 😉

  4. tormentor says:

    “no actual damage whatsoever, ever,”

    Not even if the unit cannot retreat?

  5. eric says:

    No. A unit that is forced to retreat (because of the pipes’ sound) but cannot because its retreat path is blocked will still take casualties as a result.

    What my sentence hinted at here is that if the pipers ever face the Earth Elemental, who ALWAYS ignore flags, they are truly powerless. In other words, if you can ignore all flags then you have NOTHING to fear from these pipers. Needless to say, that is a rare occurence 😉

  6. ColtsFan76 says:

    tormentor –

    That’s the point. They have a 50% chance of causing a retreat. Which means they have no means of a *direct* hit, but can cause *indirect damage* through the retreat process.

    With the chance for so many retreats, these little buggers (or should I say baggers?) will be quite potent against creatures. There will be more then 1 flag rolled in all probability so the creature’s ability to ignore the first flag is inconsequential. Each flag after that will force a creature to retreat two hexes. And the trample alone will be quite destructive.

  7. barcafer says:

    Just imagine using them to keep red infantry units at bey. A 3 hex range and 4 dice for a red unit, hitting 50% of the time, could protect a bridge or stronghold from heavy infantry for quite a while.

    A very cool addition. Now, I just want my centaurs.

  8. Wee Sodjer says:


    You have captured the spiritual essence of the pipes.

    Play on, my man…

  9. Old Dwarf says:

    The Dwarves of the world Thank You!

  10. constant whinner says:

    Hmm. I ‘ve got some concerns. I suspect you use this weapon by directing it against a single enemy unit. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Sound is omni-directional. Would have prefer a shorter radius and the ability to affect ALL units in range. It is not very thematic to imagine the bagpipers “directing” the sound of their music to one particular piece.
    Maybe treating the bagpipes as melee / ranged weapons goes a little bit too far ….

  11. Pierre says:

    About Bagpipes being “Ranged Weapons” does that mean that “Darken the Skies” apply to them as well?

  12. ColtsFan76 says:

    Sounds like Darkern the Skies will allow them to “fire.”

  13. Callidusx3 says:

    The ability Borg & Co. gave the bagpipes is excellent. It really makes the unit unique. I just love what this mechanic will mean for board-top tactics.

    However, it seems to me that this ability would have been better suited to an undead-type unit (maybe a banshee?). It seems a bit odd envisioning how it works with bagpipers (must be some snazzy runes on those pipes!).

  14. The Preacher says:

    Have you *heard* badly played bagpipes? That sound would strike fear in heart of John Wayne 😉

  15. chemnitz says:

    Does anyone have a firm release date for the Dwarven Specialist pack? I see it listed as July 2007–does that mean early July or late July? Also, will the Goblin Skirmishers pack be released simultaneously?

    Thanks! I have an itchin’ for some pipin’!

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