Short but Epic…

As promised, the Epic rules are now available for download to all registered users of the game on

Epic BattleLore Cover

There is more there than meets the eye (the Epic Command rack really changes things out, despite its apparent simplicity), and more to follow when the paper version comes out, in later Q2 2007.

Five new adventures, labeled Epic 1 through 5, have also been posted in the Adventures section.


The DoW War Council

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14 Responses to “Short but Epic…”

  1. David Fristrom says:

    Looks good; can’t wait to try it out.

    For the Epic Adventures with creatures, is the player with the creature required to spend one point of his or her war council levels on the creature?

  2. MahatmaManic says:

    You guys rock.

  3. MahatmaManic says:

    As a follow up to how you guys rock…am I using the wrong version of Acrobat Reader, or is the layout of the pdf far from final? I am seeing very cluttered backgrounds with apparently out-of-place images and some very difficult to read text.

  4. mjkoopman says:

    The rules say landmarks can be placed in the 4th to 8th rows… the middle row is the 7th. Landmarks can be placed on your opponent’s half of the board in the epic rules?

  5. blindspot says:

    For the False Orders modification you are displaying the Stolen Orders card instead of the correct False Orders card.

  6. blindspot says:

    Reluctant Allies? Would this be true “there can only be one winner” rules perhaps?

  7. eric says:

    Yes, you may place a landmark beyond the midway line, in Epic mode.
    And the pdf displays fine on our machines, using the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

  8. Talarius says:

    Viewing the Epic rules through Firefox is completely wonky, but downloading it and viewing directly through Acrobat seems to work fine.

  9. eric says:

    Yes, viewing PDFs through your browser (instead of downloading the file) is rarely a good idea…

  10. ZiNOS says:


    I am going to buy a reb marker to make new lines on my Battlecry board…..


  11. kes_167 says:

    Are there any plans to remake the tactic cards and lore cards that are modified for Epic play and packge them with the paper version of Epic Battlelore (and have like an epic symbol to distinguish them)?

  12. Boromir_and_kermit says:

    Nice idea Kes…

  13. Scragnoth says:

    Isn’t it an awfull long time between March 8th and today (any day will apply…) ? Isn’t there the slightest new thing you guys can mention?

    I’ve been visiting this page day after day just finding its still the same.

    Please give us an update, a “BattleLore, the making of..”, any desktop images, teasers, whatever on a weekly basis.
    I’ll promise you, you will generate a lot of extra traffic on your site!

  14. eric says:

    The problem is that we’re busy finishing some of the expansions, and that the more time we spend posting things here the longer it will take us to release the actual products.

    So… we’d rather push back a few things on the blog for now. But we’ll be back!

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