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Enjoy the Holiday Season with the Five Tribes Solo Variant

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Five TribesThe new Sultan of Naqala, Yazid the First, is as benevolent as he’s naive.

He cares about the people, distribute wealth to the poor, listen to their complaints…

These lands need authority and a strong leader, not some soft-hearted king.

By all rights, Naqala should be yours. Time has come for a coup!


Days of Wonder at Essen Spiel’15

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

There’s a big red circle marking the month of October on every board gamer’s calendar. The world’s largest game convention – Essen Spiel – takes place in Germany this October 8-11 and Days of Wonder is debuting two new Ticket to Ride maps there: the United-Kingdom and the US state of Pennsylvania. Both maps are bundled in a new expansion: the 5th installment in our series of Map Collections.


Memoir ’44 Open de France, 7th Edition – And the Winner is… Michaël ‘calgada’ Le Roux

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Last week-end, The Musée de la Carte à Jouer in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France was invaded by more than 100 Memoir ’44 players who compete for 2 days on special scenarios based on “the French in WWII”. Michaël ‘calgada’ Le Roux finally won the tournament.

Frederik de Buck (left), winner of the 2014 Edition hands the trophy to  Michaël Le Roux (right), the new Champion

If you read French or simply wish to have a look at the played scenarios, just switch to the French version of this post.

4th Memoir ’44 Belgian Open to take place in Brussels

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

The 4th edition of the Memoir’44 Belgian Open, the yearly tournament gathering dozens of players from Belgium and other countries, is coming!

This year, the tournament will take place on November 14th-15th in Brussels (Belgium).


Days of Wonder at Gen Con

Friday, July 17th, 2015


Are you coming to Gen Con in Indianapolis this year?

Make sure you visit Days of Wonder on Asmodee’s Booth (#1627) in the Exhibit Hall.


Summer Sales on Steam: take a look at our 3 exclusive game packs

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Steam Exclusive

Summer Sales 2015

Buy Ticket to Ride Complete Pack or Small World 2 Complete Pack and get the other game for free!

The Small World Designer Edition is available for everybody: order your copy on June 9!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

R’hka and his dwarf companions were digging for gold, but nothing could prepare them to the discovery they were about to make.

With shovels and pickaxes, they were progressing in the mine. Suddenly, one of the pickaxes hit what looked like an old crate engraved with strange runes.

Opening it, they discovered finely-sculpted figures, painted wooden tokens and tons of glittering metal coins… sure, it was not gold, but a nice treasure chest nonetheless.

Memoir ’44: Commemorate VE-Day with four new scenarios

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

On May 8, 1945, after 6 years of war, the German Wehrmacht surrendered to the Allies in Berlin. War in Europe was finally over. 1945, however, saw the final throes of a powerful military; as the American and British forces pushed forward on the western front, Soviet forces advanced tirelessly from the east, closing in on Berlin. Struggling to defend their homeland, German soldiers proved to be fierce warriors, even when outnumbered or encircled. The war would not end as easily as expected.


Does Wil Wheaton have what it takes to rule Naqala?

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Five Tribes

Are the oracles in Wheaton’s favor? Can he actually gain control of the Sultanate of Naqala for his first Tabletop win of season three?

Watch as Wil competes alongside Satine Phoenix (comic book illustrator extraordinaire), Richard Garriott (video game developer, AKA Lord British in Ultima), and Jenna Busch (host and writer of all things geek) – who you might remember from her appearance on the show’s first episode featuring another Days of Wonder favorite: Small World


International TableTop Day returns on April 11th, let’s celebrate!

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

For the third consecutive year, our friends at Geek & Sundry host the International TableTop Day, an event where people from all over the world gather and play games.

To celebrate this event, we will release an exclusive Promo Djinn card for Five Tribes: the accurately named Wilwit Djinn!