Join in an epic adventure with Fighting Fantasy Legends

Fighting Fantasy Legends iconThe mythical adaptation of the Fighting Fantasy Books from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone is coming to our catalogue!



Fighting Fantasy Legends, now in our catalogue!

Embark on an epic adventure in Allansia, a dangerous land with gruesome monsters and cunning traps lurking around every corner. Your quest is to free the people from the deadly reign of formidable tyrants, discovering untold treasures and powerful objects to help you on your way. Your adventure takes you through three iconic gamebooks: City of Thieves, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Citadel of Chaos, where you must improve your character’s skills by powering up your dice and piecing together cryptic clues to improve your chances of survival.

More than 35 years after the release of the first Fighting Fantasy Book, this game intertwines the stories from three of the most epic books. Be aware, no game is ever the same and your choices may have dire consequences. The world needs a hero… you will give them a legend.

Learn more about the app in our YouTube trailer.

Fighting Fantasy Legends

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