Through Jungle and Desert, the new Battle Map for Memoir ’44

Through Jungle and Desert is the second installment in the second series of Memoir ’44 Battle Maps. This expansion offers two new decks of combat cards, along with six pre-printed standard scenarios and two pre-printed Overlord scenarios. 


Lead your men through the merciless jungles of Burma, trying to escape the Japanese grasp or rush to Rangoon before the British forces evacuate the city on the jungle scenario. Then, change the terrain and fight the very first tank battle between US and German forces in the sands of North Africa, where Stuart and Panzer clash in the middle of the desert.

This second installment comes with six standard pre-printed scenarios with all terrain, obstacles and unit positions, but also the historical background and special rules. To help spice up your scenarios, the expansion comes with both a brand new Jungle Combat Cards deck and a Desert Combat Cards deck.

Two ready-to-play Overlord scenarios are also provided: fight for Henderson Field in Guadalcanal or conduct a huge desert battle that marks the beginning of the second battle of El Alamein in Operation Lightfoot. The Jungle’s scenarios can be played separately or as a campaign, with each scenario outcome impacting the following one.


Through Jungle and Desert is designed for 2 to 8 players. It includes six standard scenarios and two Overlord scenarios, as well as two decks of Combat Cards and one double sided-printing punch board of tokens. This expansion requires at least one copy of Memoir’ 44 as well as the Pacific Theater and Mediterranean Theater expansions to play. The Terrain Pack and Equipment Pack expansions are also recommended. Through Jungle and Desert is currently expected to be available in April in both North America and Europe for a retail price of $28/€25.

To download the rules, you can visit Through Jungle and Desert page on Memoir ’44 website.

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2 Responses to “Through Jungle and Desert, the new Battle Map for Memoir ’44”

  1. Chris Lee says:

    Please restock expansions ;(
    I recently fell in love into board games and found about memoir 44 but expansions are way too pricy and its nowhere but ebay with over $100 ;(

  2. Paul Gregson says:

    I live in UK and am fed up with you releasing what look like really nice Overlord maps but not also releasing Overlord cards in the guise of the Overlord Expansion.

    You seem to do this a lot in the UK. Send out one product but not send out the other things that go with it. How are we meant to play this properly without the right stuff?

    This is your first desert Overlord, it will likely be popular. Can I suggest you sell this Overlord scenario but as well as releasing British Army expansion, you also release the Winter/Desert board and the Breakthrough boards and the Winter Wars expansion. That way people who want British army get to fight ALL their scenarios and have the right cards with the right games.

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