Ticket to Ride United Kingdom available in stores!

Place the first rails of the glorious train adventure that all started in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the Victorian Era. Learn to master the power of steam and develop your technologies to build trains that go faster and farther, and reach the far cities of Scotland and Ireland before your opponents…
Or invest in the most profitable companies of Pennsylvania to develop your rail network in this state full of railroad history!

Introducing Ticket to Ride® United Kingdom, the fifth in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection Series.

This double-sided map features the United Kingdom and its new technology system on one side and the Pennsylvania and its railroad companies on the other.

The United Kingdom map comes with a complete new Train cards deck including additional Locomotives, and Technology cards such as the Mechanical Stoker or the Thermocompressor that will allow players to develop their Technology level and build faster trains and claim long routes. The Pennsylvania map comes with 60 “Stock Shares” cards representing the great railroad companies of Pennsylvania. On this map, claiming a route also allows a player to invest in a company – having a majority of shares in a given company allows to score extra bonus points at game end.

Ticket to Ride United Kingdom includes a double-sided map: the United Kingdom map is designed for 2-4 players and includes 116 new Train cards, 57 UK Destination Tickets, and 47 Technology cards. The Pennsylvania map is designed for 2-5 players and includes 50 Tickets and 60 “Stock Shares” cards. Both of these maps require the trains from either Ticket to Ride® or Ticket to Ride® Europe.

Ticket to Ride United Kingdom, including the Pennsylvania Map, is now available in retail stores throughout Europe and North America.

For more information or to download the rules, visit the Ticket to Ride United Kingdom website.

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  1. Efim says:

    Waiting this pack as addon for iOS version.

  2. all ferrando says:

    I want to play my app. Why is this blocking my access to play the game? Get rid of this ad so I can play my app

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