Your Digital Christmas Present

Special Sale Prices

for Ticket to Ride and Small World 2

on Tablets & Steam for PC & Macs!

It’s time to celebrate the holidays with both of Days of Wonder’s award-winning digital games.

Ticket to Ride and Small World 2 for iPad and Android tablets are now available for just $2.99/€2.69! That’s half off the regular price of Ticket to Ride and a whopping 70% off the normal price for Small World 2.

We’re not leaving PC and Mac gamers out in the cold either. We’ve got two great deals on Small World 2 for Steam. You can get Small World 2 on Steam for just $7.49/€6.99 – again 50% off the regular price. Or why not get your Small World fully-loaded… pick up the Small World 2 Complete Pack which includes the app, plus 3 great expansions: Cursed!, Grand Dames and Be Not Afraid… Just $12.49/€11.49!


Whether a gift for your friends, or for yourself, it’s the season to take advantage of these great deal for Ticket to Ride and Small World 2. But it really is a limited time only promotion… So don’t wait! Here’s where you can get yours:

For iPad
Ticket to Ride
Small World 2

For Android at the Google Play Store
Ticket to Ride
Small World 2

On Steam:
Small World 2
Small World 2 Complete Pack

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

from the Days of Wonder Crew!

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11 Responses to “Your Digital Christmas Present”

  1. S_A_T_S says:

    No discount on DLC? I already have Small World 2, being a KS backer, so a discount on the game itself is useless to me. Discount the DLC by 50% and I’ll buy it all, otherwise I’m not impressed.

    • Tim says:

      There is a 50% off sale on Steam right now for all DLC. Your wish has been granted it would seem. It ends on January 2nd.

      • Chet says:

        It is no good for him. The DLC have a discount only on the complete pack, which includes the game itself that he already has.
        It would cost him more to get that bundle than buying each DLC at full price.

  2. Pete Herridge says:

    I paid $6.99for Ttr a couple of weeks ago so I’m not impressed. Discount the expansions.

  3. Kyle says:

    Wow… You guys are harsh. These are world class award winning board games that you can already get at a heavy discount as an app versus the actual game and you’re complaining because the DLC is $2.99 instead of $1.50? You can still get all the DLC for less than going to a movie while enjoying endless replayability and the ability to play online.

  4. Darren says:

    Please discount the IAP,

  5. Jacobi says:

    I would happily pay full DLC price if you added some more maps to digital Ticket to ride (steam). It would both be nice to get the 1912 expansion but also completely new maps not available for online multiplayer yet. Another 2-3 player map in addition to Switzerland would be nice.

  6. shadowneko003 says:

    How about discounting Ticket to Ride steam in addition to DLC? Otherwise, pretty poor sales for those of us that already have the game(s)

  7. RRWH says:

    Include a woucher for all digital DLC in the fysical games. Have all expantions but paying three to four times for (steam, Ip.., Android and real game) is not fun. Disconut the DLCs an i’ll get them. Or pay one digital product and get wocher codes for the others in that case i could pay more than now.

  8. Pseudo11 says:

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners… “Discount this or that, or I’m not impressed… Include a voucher for this…(that’s the proper spelling, btw)…”. Who cares if you’re not happy with the offer, seriously?! You talk like you’re important people, but you are not, period. The offer is meant to attract NEW customers, if you have already bought the games, you are not targeted by this offer, so no use complaining.

    • Chet says:

      It certainly is the offer’s target market but they as customers are free to give voice to what they want and shouldn’t be rebuked for it. Some companies go through the trouble of making surveys for customers and other such efforts to get more information for their marketing strategies.

      When a lot of people express that they would buy something if a certain discount is offered, marketing could come to conclude that the income would be much greater if the discount was offered. Especially in this case considering the copies are digital and, compared to physical board games, cost virtually nothing to distribute anyway.
      That’s why so many companies are giving ridiculous discounts.

      Days of Wonder makes great stuff and they can sell it at whatever price they want.
      It doesn’t mean they’ll cash in as much as they could on these products but I hope their marketing team has a sound strategy going because this is one company I’d love to see more from for a very long time.

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