Memoir ’44 Tactics & Strategy Guide English Edition – coming soon!

As a Memoir ’44 player, who doesn’t dream of learning how to read the battlefield, effectively maneuver troops, anticipate opponents’ moves and gauge their relative strengths and weaknesses; as well as discover how to manage the medal count and control the flow of the game – all keys to victory?

That’s what the Memoir ’44 – Tactics & Strategy Guide, the definitive book on effective game play for the Memoir ’44 game system offers you.

Memoir '44 - Tactics & Strategy Guide

Lavishly illustrated, this book contains over 500 pages of tactical and strategic advice. Novices and veterans alike will improve their Memoir ’44 play thanks to this guide’s use of core principles to understand and retain key concepts; and the careful study of the 139 scenarios and 4 annotated games included in the book.

First and foremost a gaming enthusiast, the book’s author Alexis “Praxeo” Beuve, is an experienced Memoir ’44 player as well as the author and editor of numerous strategy books on “classic” games such as Chess, Go and Poker.

While the French language version has been available for some time,  the English language edition of Memoir ’44 Tactics & Strategy Guide will go on sale in October in both the US and Europe from the Days of Wonder Web store at an expected retail price of $40/€40.

In the meantime, head to the book’s page on Memoir ’44 website to download and read a few samples (a whole chapter is available there among other goodies).


2 Responses to “Memoir ’44 Tactics & Strategy Guide English Edition – coming soon!”

  1. John Taber says:

    Will this be available in PDF, epub, or Kindle formats? (FYI. epub is my first choice.)

  2. Jesse says:

    I believe this will only be available in print form.

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