It’s a Brave New Small World (2.5)

Small World 2, the digital version of the epic fantasy board game, earned lots of kudos from reviewers, and even more love from hundreds of thousands of fans of the game. Feedback from these players on what else they wanted to see in Small World has inspired our development team to take things to an even higher level.

Introducing Small World 2.5 – featuring an even more refined online game system that delivers the best of both asynchronous and competitive online play.

Small World 2.5 now gives you:

  • A full-featured Lobby with real-time chat, list of connected players, game creation and list of open games to join. Within this Online Arena you’ll find a thriving community of avid Small World players ready to play 24/7.
  • New Single-Session Online games – real-time gaming with bots taking over when someone quits. Even better, all games now run with a Speed Chess-like competitive Player clock that controls how much time each player has left to play.
  • Multi-Session Online games – the asynchronous gaming already in Small World 2, but with even more options to control who gets invited, how long your game will last, and a myriad of other options regarding ranked games, karma filtering, starting player selection, and more.
  • We’ve also implemented more of everything: More ranking, persistent in-game chat, chat in the final score screen, and a super detailed statistics screen at the end of each game to analyze how each player performed with various race/power combinations.

Best of all, this Brave New Small World 2.5 is a free upgrade for all existing players; if you haven’t yet ventured into this Brave New Small World, now is the perfect time. It’s available for iPad, compatible Android devices, and Steam for PC, Mac and Linux!

Go to the Small World Digital web page to learn more, or visit the App StoreGoogle Play store or Steam and get Small World 2.5 today!

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7 Responses to “It’s a Brave New Small World (2.5)”

  1. amoeba says:

    How do I invite a buddy to an offline\async game now? Have to wait for them to accept? Thats annoying

  2. Justin says:

    This looks awesome! Just wondering if there’s any talks of adding “underground” as an expansion or a separate app?

  3. Almilcar says:

    What about the Kindle version? Is it also available?

    Regards! By the way, the outstanding digital edition led me to grab the tabletop game also to pay with my games!

  4. Coldgame says:

    Great improvement.

    The game in some places displays a small grey icon with a number inside, such as next to the player names in the online ranking list. Is that the total number of played games?

    When I wish to host a game, this same icon shows next to my name with zero inside, even though I played many online games…?!

  5. franck says:

    This is the number of games indeed. There was a bug last week (this defaulting to zero in some cases), but it should be OK now…

  6. Chris r says:

    Can invite duration be changed or turned off? Can never play a friend now because of this small window of time they have to accept. Much better the old way where game starts and they take turn when they can. Hopefully this can be changed in settings sometime soon.

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