The sixth Edition of Memoir ’44 French Open will take place in Normandy

1944-2004-2014 : This year, we celebrate both the 70th Anniversary of The D-Day Landings and the 10th Anniversary of Memoir ’44. Was there a better place to host the 6th Edition of Memoir ’44 French Open than Normandy?

Next week-end, more than 100 players will be dropped in the first town liberated in Metropolitan France on June 5th 1944 23:45 in Bénouville, no farther than one or two hexes from Pegasus Bridge!

Combats will take place from Saturday, May 31st at 13:00 to Sunday, June 1st at 17:00. The event is sold out already but but you are more than welcome to say hi if you’re in the neighborhood…We’ll be located in the Salle Polyvalente du Grand Clos (right behind the Town Hall).


We’re of course aware than most of you won’t be able to attend the event, so we’ll try and share most of it through this Public Google+ event along the Week-End. If you’re a Google+ user and attend the French Open, make sure you share pictures and comments there… No need to register to consult the event. In the meantime, you can still have a look at last Year’s Edition.


There’s a post in English with all the details for the Open on the French Federation’s website  and you will always find friendly people on its forum. More information regarding the game are on the Memoir ’44 official website.

 The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is History.

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    Cool news. However could we please get an update to the digital version?

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